The Wellness Whisker: Unraveling The Secrets Of Feline Vitality And Longevity

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Oh, how we wish our feline friends could stay with us forever! While they cannot live as long as we do, as pet parents we can surely ensure they live a long and healthy life. An average cat in the present world lives somewhere around 12 to 18 years depending on the breed, diet, and health conditions. However, it is also common for well-cared cats to live beyond 18 and pass the three-decade mark. So, what can you do to ensure vitality and longevity for your cat? Is there a secret tip that can help your cat live longer than average? Let us decode!

Be Careful With Your Cat’s Diet

Your cat’s diet is a big factor that determines whether or not they have a healthy or long life. It is said, “What You Eat, Is What You Are”, and this applies to any other living being, including cats. From the very moment you meet your feline friend, you should start planning their diet. While a treat now and then occasionally is fine, it is important that your cat only indulges in healthy eating habits.

Avoid feeding dry food regularly at all costs. Most brands that manufacture dry food tend to use low-quality ingredients packed with additives that cause your cats to binge. This eventually leads to overeating causing obesity in the long run when kept unchecked. Additionally, your feline friend’s diet should primarily be comprised of high-quality protein. Moreover, try to make their food at home, and if you can’t, opt for wet food.

There is a reason most veterinarians suggest feeding wet food to your cat. Most felines do not have any thirst drive. When hunting in the wilderness, they fulfill all their moisture requirements from the food they eat. They don’t look for water unless they haven’t eaten for days. However, when you feed dry kibble most of the time, they tend to stay dehydrated for prolonged periods. This can affect their kidneys and other organs in the long run. So, you must ensure they are hydrated. If you can, entice your fur baby with water fountains as cats love drinking from running water.

Spend Time Under The Sun

One thing most pet parents do not give importance to is the need for their pets to spend time under the sun. Just like the way humans derive a big portion of their vitamin D requirements from the sun, so do cats. While you are away working at your office or taking care of any chore, your cat spends a big portion of the day inside with no exposure to the sun whatsoever.

So, you must take some time daily to relax or play with your cat while enjoying the sun. Choose the early morning or late afternoon hours when the sun isn’t as harsh. This will prevent any sunburn while you and your pet enjoy the outdoors.

Neuter Or Spay Your Cat

A lot of us think that spaying or neutering is just a way to control the feline population. While that is the primary goal for sure, it also helps prevent a range of diseases that might develop as your cat gets older. If your cat is a male, if they are intact, there is a chance they might develop testicular cancer. On the other hand, if your pet cat is a female, it might develop mammary cancer when left intact. You need to spay/neuter your cat as soon as you get them unless they are too young to be operated on. Moreover, if you wait for too long to spay/neuter your cat, the chances of them getting cancer increase by more than 50 percent. So, you must discuss with your veterinarian the ideal age for your cat to get neutered.

Your Cat Needs Exercise- Both Body & Mind

If you were under the impression that your cat would thrive with just a quick walk around the neighborhood, you are wrong. They need mental stimulation as well. Apart from engaging them physically with walks or outdoor playtimes, you can invest in toys that keep them engaged mentally. Invest in food puzzles that end in tasty treats. You can also indulge in occasional training sessions and help them learn new tricks like a high-five, sitting, or lying down.

Additionally, set up a perch by your window. This will allow your cat to watch squirrels, birds, and other things that happen outside when you aren’t around. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, you can also invest in interactive apps that are designed for cats to chase objects that move around on the screen. And if you wish to go with basics, a laser pointer or a feather wand would surely do the trick and tap into their curiosity. In case you are looking for a great option for your cat to play with, the Pet Fit Toy Wand. The toy features double feather variants while ensuring there are zero sharp edges for safety.

Give Them Attention And Love

It is very rare for cats to demand love or attention like dogs do. They can be fine by themselves and love their own company. Remember, your cat doesn’t live as long as you do. So, you must cherish each moment with them. The gift of love is the best gift you can give your cat to ensure their vitality and longevity. If you don’t know how to do this, simple actions and gestures matter a lot. Initially, opt for gentle petting and make your feline friend comfortable with your touch. Accompany this action with some head and chin scratches. Even spending some quiet time together can help build closeness and trust.


Remember, each cat is different in both personality and physicality. When bringing any changes to their lifestyle for their vitality and longevity, always start slow. Felines aren’t welcoming when it comes to changes. So, always start slow. And, it is also important for you to understand how felines are by nature. Tap into their nature and let them be. Do not give them food that wasn’t naturally meant for them or force them to live a lifestyle they weren’t meant to live. While you surely cannot let them venture out into the wilderness, you can modify their lifestyle as close as you can. When doubtful, make sure you consult your veterinarian or a cat dietician to create a tailored strategy that adheres to your pet’s individual needs.

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