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When it comes to cats, giving them the entertainment that they desire can be hard. Cats can be particular with the types of toys that they use, and if you’re a pet owner you may wonder what’s best for your furry little friend. Well, look no further, for I’ll tell you below the top 10 cat entertainment toys on the market today, and why they are considered the best in cat toys!

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy

This is a simple cat teaser, but cats of all ages love this silly little thing. The toy is made up of three parts to it which make it a fun little interactive toy that will keep your kitty entertained.

They are the following:

  • A little mouse to pounce on
  • A metal swivel so it moves around
  • An easy to hold the handle so that it will flop the toy around in a lifelike way

The wire in this is flexible as well, and it’s recommended by vets to use with cats as an interactive toy for exercise.

However, you need to be careful with this one. While it does have amazing reviews on Amazon, there is one small concern you should remember when using this and that is to always make sure you put it away when you’re done. That’s because, cats can get tangled up in the wire, and they could end up strangling themselves because the wire is constricting. Like any cat teaser toy, you should always be careful with them, but this one more in particular because of the wire within this.

It is a fun toy though for cats, and for the price that you’re paying for it, you’re getting a quality product.

To get this awesome interactive cat toy, you can buy it here.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

This is more of a solo cat toy than one you’d use with your kitty, but it’s a great entertainment toy that you can use with your kitty. It contains the following:

  • Three balls that spin and roll
  • Tracks that the balls go along to keep the cats busy
  • A closed top so that it is durable, and can be used with multiple cats
  • A non-slip base so that the balls won’t fly off, and it will give the cats the entertainment they deserve

These spinning balls are addictive for cats, and it’s designed with three different levels for whatever entertainment level they want. The purpose of this is to stimulate the senses within a cat, along with their prime hunting instincts. Since it is built sturdily, you can use this with cats big and small, old and young, and it will do wonders for them. It is a great way to get your cat the daily exercise and entertainment that they need to be mentally and physically happy with the way they are.

Cats that normally aren’t into play love this toy. Even the pickiest cats will love this, and it’s an investment that your furry little friend will love. You don’t have to worry about the cat’s paws getting stuck in there, because the little ripples are not so small that they get caught. You’ll probably hear your kitty playing with this, which is a good sign. Plus, it’s bright orange, so it’s not like you’re going to lose this either. It’s the perfect cat toy for those who want their cat to have a bit of interactive fun both solo or with other cats.

You can get this here and see what the hubbub is all about.

Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Toy

What if you want to get your cat a teaser toy that you don’t want to spend a ton of money on? Well, this is your answer.

The cat dancer is a super simple interactive cat toy, so simple that you might think you’re using this wrong. But no, it’s a cat teaser in the simplest of forms, and it involves the following:

  • Spring steel wire
  • Rolled cardboard

Now you read these two parts and wonder why in the world cats like this. To be honest, I don’t understand why cats love this either, but for some reason, they’re obsessed with this toy. I used this with my cat, and they went crazy over it. And it wasn’t just my one playful cat either. Both of them love this, and it’s a home-tested toy that is irresistible for the cat.

The best part about this is honestly the price. It’s the cheapest cat toy I’ve seen that holds up, and I’ve noticed that cats love this silly little toy more than they do other cat teasers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your cat being tangled up in wires or whatever.

It’s wild: you can have a whole room that’s filled with toys that cats aren’t interested in, but this chap little toy will make them go crazy, and cats will play with this until they’re tuckered out. You as a pet owner will be amazed at the sheer amount of interest and exercise they’ll get from this. Who would’ve thought that a tiny little piece of cardboard and some wire would be one of the most interactive cat toys out there?

You can get this from Amazon by buying it here.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Toy

This is another super fun toy that moves around, and it’s great if you have a cat that likes to attack you either under fabric or toys under the fabric. A common issue that I noticed as a pet owner, is the fact that some cats LOVE to attack your feet. I love my little girl, but she does this, and it drives me crazy, not to mention it kind of hurts. But, this toy is the solution to that issue, since it gives them the same stimulation, but also gets it out of their system.

The features of this include the following:

  • It replicates the movements of prey with lights that move and a wand that shakes around
  • Multiple speeds for cats that hunt differently
  • A plastic wand with ribbons you can have the cat chase
  • Also includes a plush toy that’s more durable

What this means for your cat is that it gives them a reason to play, for it fascinates them, and it healthily encourages activity via play. With this, you can get your cat moving about, and they’ll stop attacking the covers and your feet a little bit less.

Plus, if you have kids, these products are always tested to the standards of child safety, and they come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about your human little ones getting into this. You should make sure, however, to turn it off once you’re done playing since the battery will drain quickly if you’re not careful.

This is a great toy if you need your cat to be more interactive, and it’s very simple to use.

You can get this toy here and see what the fuss is all about.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Toy

Again, this is another super simple toy, but your cats will be entertained for hours on end. Catnip toys are some of the best toys for cats because well, they have catnip in them. Catnip is great for cats, and there is a lot of research in support of using catnip with kitties, by putting them into a toy, it gives the cat a reason to play and more satisfaction. It is perfect for every cat out there, and since it’s made from recycled plastic, you’re not leaving a carbon footprint with this purchase!

This product also includes the following features:

  • Perfect-sized mice for cats to carry and bat
  • Potent catnip that they will love
  • Gives the cat a burst of energy so that they can play around, and then a period of mellowness
  • No chemicals or pesticides either, so you don’t have to worry about your cats getting hurt

These mice are so simple but so effective, and if you’re a pet owner with a lazy cat, you’ll notice that they will love these things.

Plus, another super awesome bonus to this, is what they’re made of. They’re not made from real fur. If you’re a pet owner with a cat that loves to destroy those fake mice toys, then you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to worry about them getting trashed, or with fur everywhere. The tails are strong enough that cats don’t rip them off, and they’re very durable, so your cats can hunt and do whatever they need to with this until they’re tired out and satisfied.

If you’re interested in purchasing this entertaining toy, you can check out the link to the contents here on Amazon.

Crinkle Toys

Okay, you know how cats love to go after paper? Often, you find them chasing about these little toys. Crinkle toys are something that cats adore, and they’re perfect for batting about, which is something that cats love to do.

The Original Mylar Crinkle Balls are great interactive toys and exercise toys that are great to get your cats moving about and springing into action.

Some of the cool features that these little balls have to offer include the following:

  • Interactive cat toys that are used to calm cats down whenever
  • Light mylar texture and metallic colors, which make them durable and very vibrant
  • A crinkle counts that will drive your cats insane
  • Small little balls that are perfect for chasing and pouncing

In this pack, you get twelve of them, so that means your cat will have a lot of little options to choose from. If your cat loves to play with little balls of paper, Christmas ornaments, figure pieces, or anything small, there is always that risk of choking that’s there. But, if you get these little crinkle balls, they’ll be able to bat them around the place. Now, the only downside to these is if you have a cat that loves to bat them under furniture, they may end up throwing them into the wrong place. But, they usually can get retrieved from under the bed or something whenever you grab it for them, and they’ll never get tired of this. They’re something that brings great pleasure to cats and something that even the laziest of felines will enjoy!

You can get these little crinkle balls and see what the fuss is about by going to the link here.

Cat Scratching Post with Butterfly Toy

Do you have a scratcher for your cat? The one thing that you should consider for your furry little friend is a cat scratcher. Why is that? Well, cats have a few reasons for scratching, and they’re not just doing it to mess up your furniture. If you have a couch you’re trying to keep pretty, having the means to prevent cats from scratching helps, and these scratching toys do the job and then some.

But, this one has a bonus: a butterfly toy. This provides more entertainment for the cat, for a price that you won’t be upset with.

The features of this include the following:

  • Gives the cat both a distraction and some relief, along with a healthy outlet for the natural hunting instincts
  • Made from non-toxic materials and fiber wrapping, which is great for stimulating natural habitats
  • Will give the cats a place to stick their claws beside your furniture or carpet
  • The butterfly toy is also made from scratching material, so they can scratch and play around with this as well

This cat scratching post is easy to put away and put together, which saves you a lot of headaches, and it also is small enough that it won’t take up a ton of space like other cat scratching posts. It also has detachable parts, so if somehow your cat breaks one part of it, you won’t have to worry about keeping it on there, since you can always take it off.

If you want to get your cat a scratching post, and something with a little bit more interaction in it, then this is the product for you!

To get this for your cat, you just need to follow the link here.

Fashions Talk Variety Cat Toys

This is the best beginning cat toy package that you can get because, for a great price, you get a lot of interactive cat toys that your kitty will love. It comes with 20 of them, and they’re so great for your cat that it will keep them entertained while you’re busy or away. It does have catnip in many of these toys, which is great since it will give these cats a burst of energy. Now, you should make sure that if they do have excessive wear, you get rid of them, since you don’t want your cats to swallow anything that they shouldn’t swallow. But, if you want to get your cat a great little birthday gift, this is a cute little idea.

In this package, you get the following:

  • Feathers
  • Catnip Balls
  • Mice for them to chase
  • Catnip fish and sacks
  • Little interactive toys so that they don’t feel bored

This is a great product to consider if you either recently got a new kitty, or maybe a kitty that just doesn’t know what they like. For kittens, these are great, because it gives them a lot of stimulation and various interactive toys that they will enjoy. It may be a bit overwhelming for them at first, but as they continue to play around with these little guys, they’ll enjoy every minute of it.

This is a great set of cat toys if you’re not sure what to get, and if you’re curious about what your cats will love, you can get this variety pack with Amazon Prime.

To try out these cat toys, you can buy them here.

Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

Again, this is another great catnip toy, but it’s in the shape of a banana. It comes with some interesting and fun little features, including the following:

  • Lots of premium catnip for your cat to love
  • Fun textures that your cat will enjoy
  • A handmade toy that’s made with natural materials, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting hurt
  • A curvy texture that cats will love
  • Perfect for a cat to grab, nuzzle, or bunny kick
  • Organically-grown catnip that is healthy for them

Catnip is something your cat will love if they can have it, and the fact that this is a natural catnip toy certainly does give them entertainment that they will love.

Now, this toy does work best if you have a cat that responds very strongly to catnip. They may go a bit crazy, but this is a great way to get a cat that loves catnip to expend their energy and have a lot of fun with it. However, because there is catnip in it, some cats respond better to this than others do.

You can get this fun catnip toy here on Amazon.

Laser Pointers

Aww yes, laser pointers. They’re super fun for cats, and they’re actually an amazing chasing toy. Now, I will say not every cat responds to these in the same way, and you should avoid using these with dogs. But, these are great if you want to get your cat to expend all their energy.

The FZR Legend Rechargeable Interactive flashlight is a great example of a laser pointer cats will love, and it includes many fun features.

Some of these features are the following:

  • USB charging for the laser pointer
  • Can charge it completely in 1.5 hours, and only needs to be charged once a week
  • You have the on/off switch design, so you don’t need to hold it down like others
  • Has three functions, including a laser pointer, a UV detector, and a flashlight, so it’s not just your average laser pointer
  • Is FDA safe, so you can give your cat exercise and fun
  • Is tested on cats before being distributed, and you’ll be satisfied with this purchase

For a laser pointer, it is a little bit pricier than your average toy, but that’s because you are getting a whole lot more than just a mere laser pointer out of it. These are fun toys that I will say will get your cat moving and jumping like never before. Just as a word of caution though, some cats do love this, other cats don’t, but sometimes even the laziest cats go crazy over a small little dot, so it’s a cat entertainment toy to consider.

If you want to try this with your kitty, you can get the product here.

More Cat Toys, More Fun!

Keeping your cat entertained can be harder than you imagine. After all, cats can be finicky about what toys they love, and which ones they hate. But, you’ll notice with this article, you were given many different options. I do suggest trying one of them out, see if your cat likes it, and then go from there.

You should always try to get your cat some extra entertainment and exercise because they need it too. After all, cats can only do so much on their own before they start getting into trouble and messing with your stuff, so these entertainment toys are great for them to have. The best part is that they’re not super expensive, so it’s not like you’re dropping a ton of money on a toy either, but it’s something that your cat will love.

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