Ultimate Guide to the Tuxedo Cat

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There are no other adorable animals like cats. And if it’s a tuxedo one, then there’s nothing amazing like it. Tuxedo cats are one of the different varieties of cats by pattern and color. And the striking black and white patches on its body make it stand apart from the other cats. This combination of colors gives Tuxedo cats an attractive personality, somberness, and charm.

Not only the eye-catchy color combination but also the unusual personality and playfulness make cat lovers drool over the Tuxies. Here are some of the unusual and interesting facts about Tuxedo cats that all you need to know about:

Characteristics of a Tuxedo Cat

The most important fact about the Tuxedo cat is that it’s not a breed but a difference in pattern and color combinations that can be seen in any domestic cat of any breed.

Though tuxedo cats are mainly those with a black body and a white chest and paws, the white color may also exist on the cat’s face and the tip of the tail. The entire pattern on the cat’s body makes it looks like a cat wearing a formal, or it is wearing a Tuxedo. The very name comes from this instance.

Additionally, some fact that makes Tuxedo cats more interesting is that this kind of cat is also known as ‘Jellicle’ as mentioned in ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T.S Eliot, written based on musical cats. Also, in the United Kingdom, Tuxedo cats are known as Felix cats after the famous animal cartoon character.

Not only in black and white, but Tuxedo cats can also come in different color shades of different combinations like grey and off-white, ginger color, white, and so on. Also, the color of the eyes may differ from cat to cat, like it can be brown, yellow, or green.

The color and pattern of the cat that makes it a Tuxedo one, basically depends on the genes of the cat, as it can differ between kittens of the same litter. Also, if you can pick or adopt a Tuxedo cat from any litter, it is going to grow the domestic type of hair, either long or short hair. Also, this pattern is observed in both male and female cats.

Different types of Tuxedo Cats

Tuxies can be of any breed. There are different types of Tuxedo cats like British Shorthair, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, Manx cat, American Shorthair, and so on.

Also, Tuxies not only possess the black and white combination on their body, but few also come in other combinations like grey, black, and ginger yellow with a combination of white in different patterns.

Necessary Diet for Tuxedo Cats

Again, a Tuxie is not any specific breed, so there is nothing particular about their diet. Like all the other cats, their diet also should be based on their health condition, weight, age, choice, and nutritious values. A proper diet ensures better health for your Tuxies. Also, the amount of food and nutrients in the diet should be consulted with veterinarians. The amount of food differs according to the age of the cats.

While adopting a Tuxedo kitty, you should keep in mind, to provide it with the right amount of food to maintain the good health of the Tuxedo cat from the very beginning. Here is a guide about how much you should feed your Tuxie kitty according to its age.

Age of your kitten/cat Meals you should give per day Amount of wet food per meal Amount of dry food per meal
6-12 weeks 4 35-55g 4-7g
2-6 months 3 60-70g 6-8g
6-12 months 2 80-110g 10-18g

What makes Tuxedos different from other Cats?

Of course, the very first reason that makes Tuxedo cats be called ‘Tuxedo’ is the difference in their color combination and pattern with respect to others. This black and white color not only adds to the charm and personality of the Tuxedo cats but also makes their genes different from others and makes them unique in every bit.

Not only in the color and pattern, but the difference is also visible in the growth and intelligence of the Tuxedo cats. They develop quicker than the usual ones; while most of the kittens take one or two weeks to open their eyes after they are born, the Tuxies open their eyes before 24 hours, which any other cat rarely does.

Also, the Tuxies are accepted as the smartest of all cats. Even some believe that Tuxies are 200% smarter than any other breed of kitties.

There are also some myths about the Tuxies that they have magical power. Some owners even bring pet Tuxies in the hope of bringing good luck to their life.

And with their attractive and charming personality and dapper looks, they had made it into history and fiction which also makes them special in the world of kitties.

Unlike other cats, Tuxies are easy to be found in random shelters and litters. Since there are some superstitious issues related to the coloration of a cat that runs within the human mind, sometimes it prevents cat lovers from adopting a black and white Tuxedo cat. But undoubtedly, they are the best kind of cats that you can ever get.


Health problems that may occur in Tuxedo Cats

As mentioned earlier, Tuxedo cats can be of any breed. Some breeds of cats are healthier, whereas some are prone to health issues. So, the health problems of a Tuxedo cat usually depend on its breed. Some common health issues seen in the Tuxedo cats are as follows:

Cancer: It is one of the oldest yet life-threatening diseases among cats.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: In this disease, a particular kind of virus hampers the cat’s immune system. It is contagious and can be spread from cat to cat while fighting with each other. You can give your Tuxie the Tomlym Immune Support Supplement to improve their immune system.

Diabetes: Oftentimes, older males or obese cats can get affected by diabetes. Diabetes is quite common among cats. You can use Life Link Zobaline tablets for your diabetic cat.


Undoubtedly, Tuxedo cats are the best kind of cat. Be it their lively, playful, enjoying faces, or cute grumpy face, Tuxies are the ultimate winner in the hearts of cat lovers. Also, they are the fiction-approved kitties that are surely going to give you the luckiest cat-owner feeling. And from their unique personality and intelligence, they prove that they are not just any black cat, but a special one. So, it’s time for you to find a Tuxie and adopt it as soon as you can.

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