What Cat Breed Has A Flat Face?

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There are several cat breeds present in this world. As a matter of fact, the international cat organization recognized as many as 70 breeds. These numbers are bound to change with the addition of many new species over time. However, among these species, many cats have flat faces. But do you know why cats possess flat-shaped faces?

Well, it is primarily due to the genetics of some breeds of cats. However, the bone structure of a cat’s face also plays a crucial role in turning it into a flat shape. So, the combination of both of these in a breed makes them have this trait of a “flat face.” It is prevalent among cats that are part of the brachycephalic family.

Here, we have upheld a list of cat breeds with flat faces. But before knowing about them in-depth, let’s learn the effects of having such unique attributes.

Issues Cats Encounter For Having Flat Face

The trait of a flat face not only differentiates cats based on their appearance but also symbolizes how some have a unique genetic makeup to the rest of the breeds. However, the flat facial structure and tiny nose area put flat-faced cat breeds at a higher risk of health issues, such as breathing, vision, and dental problems.

Thus, if you own a cat with this trait in its genetic makeup, you must properly take care of them to avoid such health hazards. For instance, you can offer them Potaroma Catnip Toy Ball to play with. It not only helps cats do away with dental issues but is also good for improving their digestion.

1. British Shorthair

They are one of the cat breeds with moderately flat faces and chubby cheeks, rendering them a unique look. While these cats are gorgeous, they are prone to heart-related problems. It often results in the cats being lazy by nature.

2. Himalayan Cat

This hybrid of Siamese and Persian cats is very lovable to owners. Due to the flat bone structure of their face, the appearance of these cats become scrunched up, making them look cuter. But this structure negatively impacts their lives by making it difficult for them to breathe.

3. Persian Cat

These cats are famous for their long hair, fur, gorgeous eyes, and round face. However, their nose is too small based on their flat facial structure. Hence, they frequently encounter respiratory problems such as heavy breathing or panting. As a result, these cats don’t like to indulge in many physical activities.

4. Scottish Fold

Originating in Scotland, this cat breed is named “Scottish Fold.” This cat shares the genetic makeup necessary to have a flat face. But the too-flat structure of their face adversely affects their lives by making them prone to dental problems.

5. Burmese Cat

Like others, this cat breed also has a “flat face.” It is a genetic trait passed from generation to generation in these cats. Thus, they are prone to common vision-related problems, like the felines sharing this genetic makeup.


Cats with flat faces have a unique combination of genetic composition and bone structure. Sometimes, this attribute becomes their sole identity. However, this trait also comes with many health problems for your pet. So, if you have a flat-faced kitty, care for it adequately and maintain good health to give them a healthy lifestyle.

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