What is a Nebelung Kitten?

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Are you looking for an exotic-looking kitten? Here, we have got you a new breed of cat named Nebelung. They are loving, beautiful, cute-looking kitties that thrive on routine and stability. People often perceive them as Russian blue as the Nebelung shares similar characteristics.

However, both these breeds are different. Nebelung is a rare cat breed created in the United States of America in the 1980s. It is pricey because of its soft coat, understated, and mild-mannered personality.

If these features are intriguing, read this article to learn more about the Nebelung kitten.

What is a Nebelung Kitten?

Nebelung is a German term that means creatures of the mist. These cats have muscular, athletic, and long bodies with slightly pointed heads. TICA.org first recognized this cat breed.

It was born from the crossbreeding of a Russian blue father and a shorthair mother. Thus, it appears somewhat similar to Russian blue.

Characteristics of Nebelung Kitten

Like all cats, Nebelung kitten also has some physical and behavioral attributes, which are discussed below for better understanding.

Physical Characteristics

Nebelung kittens are identified by their long body, graceful neck, long or medium coat, long legs, and long tails. Their eyes appear vivid green and yellow-green and have a slightly oval shape. They have large pointed ears sitting atop a wedge-shaped head which is somewhat pointy and round.

With time, Nebelung kittens grow to be long, well-muscled, and sturdy cats. The gray-colored soft double coat feels silky and fine. The females have a ruff around their necks. The fur present on the tail is longer than that of the body. Tufts of fur are also present behind the ears and between the toes. Their long beautiful silver-tipped gray coats develop when they are two years old.


Here is a tabular representation of some key features of Nebelung kittens.

Height9-13 inches
Weight7-15 pounds
Lifespan11-18 years
Shedding amountNormal
Coat lengthLong

Behavioral Characteristics

The Nebelung kitten is a friendly, playful, and affectionate animal. Yet, it takes time to open up to new people. Although loyal and loving to the people they know, they are a little reserved and even aloof with strangers. They often hide when strangers visit the house. However, once settled into their home, they become devoted to the family members and follow them to every room.

Although these kittens love to receive affection and cuddles, they can also live without these affections. They are not needy kitties and thus can be left alone at home. Moreover, this breed of cat settles quite perfectly in an apartment. Overall, these kittens are intelligent, good-natured, and have laid-back personalities. But they still love to have a lot of playtime and activity.

Nebelungs are picky about certain things, such as food type and litter cleanliness. They are good communicators and thus tell their owners about their problems. This cat breed does not like changes and is more fond of living in a secure and well-established routine. They take time to adjust to a new home setup or other disruptions, such as guest visiting.

Besides, these kitties rarely meow. Nebelungs are soft-spoken cats that vocalize only when something is wrong in their world, like when their food bowl is empty, or the litter box needs cleaning.

Diet and Nutrition

When it comes to food, like all other cat breeds, Nebelungs also prefer food rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in fats. However, they are picky with their food. They should be given high-quality cat food as per their age.

Also, they need to have access to fresh water always. Adult Nebelungs need two meals daily, while kittens need food more frequently but in smaller quantities.

Living Needs

Nebelungs love to sit on humans’ laps and feel comfortable in a quiet environment. They prefer to live in a well-structured and stable environment. If you are a person who follows a particular routine regularly, a Nebelung will fit perfectly in your life. These kittens prefer the company of seniors and adults while shying away from the smaller kids. This is because kids are chaotic, and these kittens are peace-loving.

Moreover, they get along quickly with the other kittens, but it’s hard to mingle with them and with dogs. They prefer their own spaces where they can relax, snooze, and stay comfortable. You can buy them a cozy cat cot to sit and relax comfortably. Babyezz Cat Hammock Bed can be one of the best beds for your Nebelung kitty.

How to Care for a Nebelung Kitten?

Nebelung kittens have long coats and thus require regular brushing at least two to three times a week. These cats tend to shed regularly, so people prone to allergies should look for other breeds. While brushing their hair, it is essential to care for their ears and ensure they are clean and free from debris to avoid ear infections. Nebelungs also have nails like all cats and thus need to be trimmed regularly.

When you bring them home, give them time to adjust to the other family members. Nebelung is a new and rare cat breed; thus, little is known about them, specifically their health issues. However, these kittens tend to get obese with age, so it is essential to track their calorie intake. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep an eye on common cat problems like feline infectious peritonitis and heart and kidney diseases, which can develop as these kittens start aging. 

Wrap Up

Nebelung kitten is perfect for people who live alone and want company or for young couples looking for an easily adjustable pet. Choosing Nebelung as a pet for your house will never be a wrong decision as this cat will never bother you for anything and will stay alone in the house even when you are not there to take care of them.

However, because this cat breed is rare, it is a bit expensive to afford. This kitten’s price ranges between $50 to $200 if you go for adoption from a cat shelter. But the price may go up from $600 to $1200 if you purchase them from a reputable breeder.

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