What Is The Best Kitten Dewormer?

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Cats are effortlessly adorable but equally mischievous. They are well-known for their unhinged adventures and eccentric activities. However, obedience is an alien concept, especially amongst kittens. It can make monitoring and caring for them fun yet tricky task.


Being a cat parent involves constant attention, especially in the kitten stage. Their health and routine need close observation. During this process, you may come across a worm infestation. It is common amongst kittens and may indicate other health issues, too. It might be an unpleasant discovery, but it can be treated easily using the best kitten dewormer.


So, here, in this article, we will discuss what types of worms infect kittens and how the best dewormer can do away with them.


Types Of Worms That Infect Kittens

Outdoor cats and their crazed ways are a daily occurrence for cat parents. Wandering into muck and dirt is something kittens seem to love. Cats may come in contact with fleas, infected feces, or parasite eggs on their hunts or strolls. These tend to latch on to their fur. Their self-grooming may also send these particles farther into their fur coat. Common litter boxes for your cats can infect indoor cats too.


As amusing as rolling in the dirt can be, these activities make cats a breeding ground for various types of worms. Some common types of worms are as follows.


1. Tapeworms

Tapeworms are parasitic flatworms. Their long, segmented bodies can be commonly found on your pet’s fur. Cats, while self-grooming, may ingest fleas, which leads to these tapeworms. Some symptoms of this are haywire appetite, irritability, and mild diarrhea.


2. Hookworms

This type of worm is usually found in outdoor kittens. Hookworms are found in the soil and cling on to the fur. It is also possible when your kitten comes in contact with dog or cat feces. It can spread to other kittens using the same litter box. Some symptoms of this are weight loss, coughing, and skin lesions.


3. Roundworms

Kitten generally get roundworms from mother’s milk. In the case of cats, they may come across infected rodents on their hunts. These may be carriers of roundworm eggs, one of the easiest ways to ingest roundworms. Some symptoms of this worm infection are pneumonia, an enlarged abdomen, and a dull fur coat.


Save your cat from the discomfort these worms might cause. Use a dewormer to rid them of these parasites.


Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer

Worms, also called intestinal parasites, tend to multiply. It will agitate your kitten, leading to collateral health problems. Get rid of the worms straight away. Dewormers are the solution to this. They also act as intestinal worm preventives, which will cover a wide range of worms affecting your kitten.



However, there are numerous dewormers out there. Choosing the right one might be confusing. So, to make things easier, we recommend The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer.


Brand Elanco Animal Health
Form Tablets
Item Weight 0.05 Pounds
Product Dimensions 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.75 inches
Product Quantity 50 tablets
Prominent Medication Content Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate
Tablet-wise proportion Praziquantel – 18.2 mg

Pyrantel Pamoate – 72.6 mg



Features Of The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer

Here are some of the exclusive features of Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer that make it our top pick.


Remedy For Different Types Of Worms

Broad Spectrum dewormers are known for doing away with most types of worms. Doing absolute justice to this aspect, the Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer will help clear out hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms.


Ease Of Overseeing Medication

This dewormer comes in the form of tablets, which makes it easier to administer. This dewormer eliminates intestinal parasites effectively, without any adverse side effects. This makes it a widely recommended product by veterinarians.


Speedy Remedy

Providing expeditious relief, The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer is known to provide respite from parasitic infections in about 7 days of treatment. Administer the dewormer regularly with the correct dosage to see the results in a week.


Thus, the Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer is the answer to your kitten’s worms and intestinal parasite woes. It encompasses the commonly found worms, which makes it a holistic solution.


How To Use The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer?

Dewormers come in various forms, the most common being tablets. The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer comes in bottles containing compact tablets.


These tablets can be fed to your cat or kitten directly. If they are fussy, you can easily sneak it into their food.


Although, the dewormer dosage varies with the weight and intensity of the worm infestation. Before getting a dewormer, consult a veterinarian to identify the type of worm and further diagnosis. Give your cat or kitten the correct quantity of the dewormer based on the prescribed dosage.


What Is The Right Dosage For Your Kitten?

The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer comes in tablets. But not all kittens have to be given one whole pill with each meal. The quantity of the tablet varies mainly with the weight of your kitten but also depends on the type of worm attack, age of your kitten, and existing health conditions your kitten may have.



Below is the advised dosage of the Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer depending upon the weight of your cat or kitten:


  • For a cat or a kitten weighing between 2 and 3 pounds, one-half of the tablet must be given.

  • For a cat or a kitten weighing between 4 and 8 pounds, 1 entire tablet must be given.

  • For a cat or a kitten weighing between 9 and 12 pounds, 1.5 tablet is to be given.

  • For a cat or a kitten weighing between 13 and 16 pounds, 2 tablets should be given.


Remember, dewormers cannot be given to kittens weighing below 2 pounds or below the age of 2 months. Additionally, feed your kitten well before and after administering the dewormer. If you have a stubborn kitten, feed it along with small quantities of food only.



Use the Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer and put your kitten out of its misery; protect them from collateral diseases. Worm and parasite infections can cause extreme uneasiness amongst kittens. Their inability to express their discomfort makes it all the more problematic. Keep tabs on your kitten from the very beginning. If you suspect a worm attack, visit a veterinarian the right way.


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