What Your Cat’s Biting and Licking Habits Reveal About Their Personality?

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Cat is one of the favorite pets of humans from the feline family. But as adorable as they are, they are also mysterious. It can be hard to understand what your cat thinks or feels most of the time, especially when there is a sudden change in their behavior, like excessive licking and biting.

Understanding the cat’s personality is vital so that it can be treated in a specific manner. Signs like licking and biting can give valuable insight into their personality. It can show if your cat’s personality is affectionate, playful, aggressive, maternal, or cleanliness-loving.

In this article, we will discuss the cat’s behavior in terms of licking and biting and what personality trait it reflects.

Personality Traits That a Cat’s Biting and Licking Reflects?

Cats are known to lick and bite different things for different reasons. However, if noticed carefully, these biting and licking habits reflect the core personalities of a cat. To understand it better, the different personalities are explained in detail below.

Licking Themselves – Cleanliness-Loving Personality

Cats are self-cleaning animals, and they always prefer to keep themselves clean. This behavior is seen quite frequently. Animals find it better to clean themselves from top to bottom by licking, and so does a cat.

You will find that cats continuously lick their coat and paws till they are completely satisfied with their grooming. The licking behavior shows the cleanliness-loving personality that a cat naturally possesses.

Licking the Owners – Affectionate Personality

A cat is a pet animal that likes being aloof and on their own. However, at times there are instances that you will find that your cat will lick you. They mainly lick their owner’s face. This action happens when a cat finds you likable.

When a cat licks your face, it showcases its affectionate personality. These creatures are not easily loving towards anyone, but if they lick you, they like you a lot.

Licking Their Kittens – Maternal Personality

A female cat loves its kitten-like any other mother and has the instinct to protect and keep it clean. Therefore, it is common to find a mother cat licking its kitten. There are multiple reasons why a cat licks its kittens, such as to clean them, show love to them, and lick their wounds, if any.

The licking of the kittens under different situations reflects the loving and caring maternal side of a cat’s personality.

Biting Things – Playful Personality

You might find your cat nibbling and biting at different things. It can be either an occasional or an everyday thing for the cat. Although there are other reasons why a cat might bite something, one of the primary reasons is that they are playing.

Cats love playing when they are bored, and this behavior is most common in younger cats. Nonetheless, biting random things like a wire or rubber bands can reflect the cat’s playful personality.

However, it can be dangerous if a cat bites at things like an electric cord. So, in such cases, you must give them toys that will not harm them. For example, you can opt for the Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Chew Toy. This toy is perfect for cats as it is made of soft materials and can keep them occupied without causing any harm. It will also give your cat a fresh breath with the mint.

Biting Other Animals – Aggressive Personality

If your cat tends to attack other pets or stray animals, it is either in self-defense or because they are simply like that. However, this biting behavior, without any genuine reason, shows the cat’s aggressive personality.

However, if it is only for self-defense when being attacked by other animals, it does not mean that they are aggressive.


Different cats have different personalities. However, at times a single can have multiple personalities. The best way to know cats’ nature is by looking at what they lick or bite.

You can decide on your cat’s personality based on your observation and the information above. Apart from the aggressive personality, you can let your cat be. If your cat is aggressive, you can calm it by getting it toys and playing with it.

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