When Can I Feed My Cat Dry Food?

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Various types of cat food are available in the supermarket. However, feeding your cat the wrong kind of cat food can severely affect its health. Too much dry food can cause obesity in cats. Thus, knowing the right proportion is also important. Hence, you must choose a well-balanced cat food that provides complete nutrition and is age-appropriate.


How To Know The Age-Appropriate Dry Cat Food Quantity?

Kittens require more food according to their body weight to have a good amount of growth compared to adult cats. Usually, kittens need three meals a day until the age of 6 months. However, this proportion changes when it becomes an adult. After a cat is one year old, it is an adult, and you should feed it once or twice daily.


What Health Conditions Affect A Cat’s Diet?

The food for your cat depends on its health condition. So, suppose your cat suffers from diabetes. You need to feed it as per the insulin administration requirement.


Essentially, such cats require low-carb food. Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein Dry Cat Food is a food you can feed your cat if it suffers from obesity or diabetes. Similarly, if your cat has gum disease, you must ensure that you feed it canned food or dry food mashed with water.



Your cat also might have certain complicated conditions like kidney disease or a urinary tract disease. In these cases, the vet might recommend a special diet. So, feeding the right food to your cat will alleviate its health conditions and help it live a better life.


Schedule Of Feeding Dry Cat Food

It is best to consider a feeding schedule for your cat. It is essential that the feeding pattern is adjusted and accordingly. For example, sometimes, mornings might be hectic. In that case, try to fix a feeding time during the day or evening. The most important thing is to set a feeding time for your cat and stay consistent.


Canned Food Or Dry Food: What To Feed Your Cat?

Though a canned diet has a higher water content and can be favorable for some picky eaters, the major disadvantage of this food is its shelf life. Once you open the can, the meal has a shelf life of 24 hours, and you should store it in the refrigerator.


Leaving your canned food out in the open for longer hours can cause food poisoning in your cats. Moreover, it is comparatively more expensive. On the other hand, dry food is less costly, so it is a favorable option if you are on a fixed budget. Moreover, dry cat food does not require special care or refrigeration, and you can store it outside for an extended period. You can also fill dry cat food in puzzle feeder toys and automatic feeders to create a fun environment for your cats.


Summing Up

These are some of the considerations you must keep in mind when feeding your cat dry food. Moreover, sometimes your cat can be picky. In such cases, it is vital to choose proper dry food.

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