Why Cats Love Boxes? Your Cat’s Addiction to Boxes

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It might surprise you that for cats, no toy can replace their love for a simple cardboard box. Pet owners are continuously puzzled when they purchase their cats a casual new toy & they are much more concerned about the carton it came in! However, why do cats are so much affectionate about cartons or boxes?

It is a commonly acknowledged point that cats love cartons. No matter how classy or ornamental a toy may be, cats love cardboard cartons as compared to toys. It’s an occurrence that confuses most cat owners, mainly when they’ve just bought a great new divan or casual toy, and their feline gives the impression to favor the wrapping it came in.

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Looking out for cramped spaces is an instinctive behavior for felines. In the wild, these spaces let the animals both hide from hunters and furtively shoot the victim. While inside a carton, felines feel that they cannot be snuck up on from the back or the side — anything that wants to attack them must come unswervingly into their field of visualization. In effect, such walloping places let them look at the world around them without being seen.

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Also, if something thought-provoking moves in front of the cat, be it a quarry or a puppet, it can rush out to get the thing, and then hurriedly go back to its sheltered spot. Boxes also make available cats comfortable, harmless places to snooze, which is very noteworthy given that the cats snooze for up to 20 hours a day.

What is the point of sedentary sitting in a square?

Felines can be slightly obstinate. From time to time, it can annoy you, but it can be pleasurable occasionally. How many times did your adored pet sit down on your keyboard while you are at work or precisely on your head even though you are viewing television? Have you interminably tried to communicate with the cat to “sit?” By now, you know that it will not work.

Some years ago, you may have noticed a film on cats in which the cats were sitting in a square shape box made up of cardboard and adhesive tape. What is the interesting relationship between the cats and cardboard? There must be a precise reason why they are fascinated by the whole kit and caboodle that looks like a square.

The film went viral rapidly and turned out to be something like a “Holy Grail” for pet owners, where they found a method to pacify their domesticated. You are by now rational about compelling your persistent pet to get into a quadrangular on the floor; however, your feline is doing it by itself.

Do all cats love small spaces?

“A love” for packages is mostly not associated with sex, age, and type of your cat. On the other hand, there are exclusions from the rulebooks that all felines like tiny places in which they will apt and doze the whole day. In a word of a professional, it is contingent on the personality and individual favorites of your cat.

For instance, if your feline is slightly more violent than others, it adores chasing, and from time to time leaves you “favors” in the form of deceased birds or rats in front of the entrance, it’s probable that it will not be exhilarated with the “package.” This feline likes to be full of life and to hook its prey, not prowl it.

Additionally, it may come about that your pet is a category of an alpha male. You can identify it by its prevailing charisma, determined actions, periodical belligerence, and also by the fright of the inside space. When this feline is inside, it will cut the door and fittings to go outdoors.

Even though these are less common circumstances, some cats do not like walloping in a package, but reasonably sniff around, eyeing for an escapade. If your pet disrupts every feline typecast, do not bother with the duct tape trick. That will not be something that will concern an overriding cat.

Is square tape box some magic? We do not think so. It is only the substance of the instant when your cat will appreciate that you hoodwinked her. Once your trick is out of action, arrange for your loving pet with several shoeboxes to fit hairy rumps in and chill for most of the day.

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Felines may have a bit of outlandish arrogance, but if you appropriately train and show some power to them, they can be exquisite pets and offer you much love. Maybe the feline will not wait for you at the entrance and get electrified to see you, but it will find a way to display your love.

Why do cats favor square outlines?

As the possessor of the feline, you may have observed that your cat feels an unusual magnetism to packages, or to whatever else in a four-sided form – sinks, bags, cases, plant pots, etc. Some of them even like their transport crates. The dimensions and deepness of the package do not play a unique role in the reason that your kitty will find a way to go private. On the other hand, at least, to lie on it.

Unbelievably, there is a clarification for this conduct that’s based on more than a few methodical investigations. To get a conclusion about why the felines are “in love” with the four-sided shape, the investigators had to examine felines’ behaviors from their initial age. Besides, they catch a very rational clarification – felines love packages, as they feel harmless in them.

These fleecy faunas have a natural disposition to seek somewhere to stay. Whether they want to defend themselves, or it is an approach to trap their victim out of camouflage, felines like to be innocuous and tucked in. Even better if no one grasps them, but they have an exposed observation of the region.

Moggies, in a way, like discretion. An expecting female feline will seek concealed, comfortable spaces where she will give birth to her offspring. Then, the kitties, which are still breastfeeding and reliant on their mother, are frequently whacking under her or in the middle of their hairy family members. In this way, they not only uphold the body’s hotness but also defend each other.

Leaving a harmless, cozy accommodation is a normal progression for cats when they nurture up. Therefore, at that time, they have to find a spare place for a warm mom’s nest. As such, the felines get warmth in the containers. It turns out to be their preferred place, and you can try to turn this convention into your courtesy.

Cat’s Behavior 

Cat’s Mood

Biting or scratching the box
Stays in the box for a long time
Depressed or angry
Rubs its body against the interior walls of the box
Inquisitive to explore a new box

Why do cats like boxes?

Accepting a feline’s mind still confuses even the most old-timer of cat owners. There are a lot of unreturned queries as to why felines do the stuff they do, but this one – the desirability to a box – isn’t too confusing. You’ll understand why they like boxes by going through the points below.

Boxes provide safety and security for cats

Safety and safekeeping are almost certainly the number one reason why felines find cartons so attractive. Smacking or looking for a surrounding space is a characteristic cat retaliation to strain or fear. It is visceral. When it is in a box, nothing can snitch up behind her or from sideways. It has a straight field of visualization no matter what impending. Boxes make available a coping contrivance for a cat, providing relaxation and releasing apprehension. A new-fangled atmosphere can be very demanding for a feline and a hiding box benefits make the changeover more relaxed.

They are fun to play with

Almost certainly, the humblest reason a feline gets drawn towards a box is that it is just PLEASURABLE! It can roll around in it; it can hurdle in and out, attacking dolls or its owner’s bottoms when they pass by. Give your feline a slightly fuzzy globe, and she will thankfully play for a while, but give it a cardboard package, and you have given it the best object ever! It is like a little kitty Disneyland all enclosed in the simple tanned paper! You can also buy K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House or Revival Animal Health Cardboard Pet Carrier designed from cardboard for your furry friend.

Predispositions are kicking in

Speaking of grabbing a box gratifies your feline’s voracious instinct to hide and jump on the victim. In the wild, cats are predators. Hunters will hide and lookout, out until the right time to jump out and trap their victim. The native cats no longer require hunting for existence, but it unquestionably feels good to show like it!

An Anti-Social Therapy

If you have had a dog as well as a cat at your home, you would have surely noticed that cats don’t get as excited when there is someone new visiting the house. On the other hand, dogs tend to go all out when it comes to greeting and licking visitors.

Cats are known to be a bit private when it comes to sharing love. Most of the time, they would simply stick to showing love to their owners and no one else. In case there is a visitor at the house, the most logical move they opt for is to hide in a place they won’t be bothered by the newcomer. In such instances, a cardboard box comes in very handy and is useful to be secure and safe while not having to interact with the guests at home.


Cats are infamous scratchers. They spend much time perfecting their nails on your sofa, your hangings, and the rug. Strongboxes make for excessive rubbing. A cat’s hands have perfume pads, so when they scratch, they leave their smell on things. Therefore, it makes sense that if they have their own little hiding home, they leave their trace on it to spot the region as their individual.

Cats like the warmness of boxes

A cat is furthermost contented in temperatures stuck between 86-97 degrees. Most folks’ homes are nearby at 72-76 degrees. That is 14-21 degrees colder than a feline’s minimum thermoneutral degree of temperature. So, predict what, they are just cold; a ridged box creates a great heat-proofing area for the felines.

A Texture that Calls for Munching

Another reason cats adore boxes is the natural texture it comes in. Cardboards are perfect for cats to bit into. This is especially true if your cat is young and still teething. The best thing about munching on cardboard boxes is that your feline friend would stay away from your precious furniture and won’t destroy them.

Boxes are comfortable to sleep in

Do not discard your cash on one of those beautiful, luxurious cat beds. Just toss a blanket in your miniature fur princess strongbox, and you have given it a fort! Strongboxes make it available as a cozy, luxurious place to sleep. Additionally, the cats sleep well in it, knowing they are secure and concealed too.

Parcel boxes tend to be their much-loved place, but you will discover felines frizzed up in any enclosure. It can be a suitcase, purse, laundry basket, drawer, cabinet, and any other place that ascertains to be a decent hiding place.

Your Cat Could Be Depressed

Another thing that might attract your feline partner to cardboard boxes is the need to find solace when they are depressed. Now, your cat could be depressed due to several reasons. In order to escape the thing that is their cause of depression, your cat might stay hidden inside the cardboard box.

Now, normally this isn’t a cause for concern. However, if your cat doesn’t come out of the box except when you feed them or to pee and poo, it might require medical intervention. Consult your veterinarian and find out if the issue is more physical than emotional.

Signs of Depression


No interest in playing
Try to introduce a new toy to the playtime
Constantly Grooming Oneself
This is natural, but if the grooming is more than usual, it could be a sign of a depressed cat. Try to spend more time with your cat and take him/her on quick walks
Sleeping more than normal
A vet’s guidance is needed in this case. This might be an early sign of any disease.
Not Eating
Try not to force the food on your cat. This will also require a vet’s guidance. If possible, introduce something new to their food and see if they eat it.
Low-Pitched Yowls
If your cat is depressed due to any pain, it will yowl at a low pitch. In this case, you should immediately rush to the veterinarian.

How to create a box for your feline?

Knowing your feline’s empathy for packages, here are a few security provisions you should take when you have unoccupied packages in your household.

  • Take the clips out of any packages that you leave around for your feline. A clip can make for an unpleasant and excruciating puncture.
  • Take away rubber bands, string, and twines. These substances can be twisted or stuck in your feline’s bowels, or even loop around their interior organs instigating an obstruction. It can be intimidating.
  • If the box has a cut-out handle, you may want to remove it entirely so that your feline will not obstruct itself or cut his skin by stabbing his skull through it. It would be great to eliminate any grip or strap.
  • Many cats are fascinated by the flavor of glues. Adhesive tape left on a box can be dangerous to them and can be a reason for an abdominal blockage if swallowed.
  • Make sure that the box is not lined with malleable plastic of any kind that could possibly snuff out your cat.

Safety tips to keep in mind

Knowing how your cat adores enclosed places, here are a couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your feline does not climb into the fridge by chance. Be acquainted with where your feline is when you are opening and closing the fridge.
  • Similarly, your cat can skulk into your washing machine and get trapped. Keep the washing machine closed when not in use.
  • Always, remember to close the chimney flue. Felines tend to find that dark, concealed hole very alluring and comforting.

Boxes aren’t just for the House Cats

If you are someone who loves to help the wild in need, a cardboard box left outside or even on your terrace can serve as a home for the cats that live outside. It might come as a surprise to you that cats living within zoos or wildlife reserves tend to love the warmth and coziness of cardboard boxes just like your pet cat.


Hopefully, this article has given you enough knowledge about your pet’s love for boxes and packaging materials. Cats are flexible and agile. So, they can fit in almost any space. They feel safe in the boxes & their natural behavior and curiosity force them to check out the boxes. So, if you’re the owner of a feline, you need not spend more on their bedding. All you need to do is give them boxes & they’re going to love them. Stay tuned for such informative and interesting articles.

All the best!

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