Why Do Cats Close Their Eyes When You Pet Them?

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Have you ever thought about the fact why cats close their eyes when you pet them? This behavior might seem confusing to you, but it is normal for cats since it comes accompanied by justified reasons. The primary reasons behind a cat closing its eyes while being petted are its sense of trust, companionship, relaxation, and instincts. This article will clearly and concisely depict the reasons behind this particular cat’s behavior. So, check out this article for more clear insights on why your feline friend closes its eyes when you pet them.

Reasons for Cats to Close Eyes When Being Pet

The reasons behind your cat closing its eyes when petted are as follows:

  • It’s Their Natural Instinct

It is one of the most important reasons to emphasize cats’ behavior. Due to their innate instinct, cats often tend to close their eyes when you touch their face. You will undoubtedly feel their face while petting your feline friend and giving them affectionate cuddles. Hence, they would resort to keeping their eyes closed out of instinct. If this is the reason behind this cat behavior, you will also find them opening their eyes as soon as you lift your hands from their face.

  • They Like You

Nevertheless, cats enjoy human attention and affection to a great extent. To bond well with a cat, you can start by petting it occasionally. It will gradually lead to developing a loving bond, making it love you back. Hence, you will notice them closing their eyes when you pet them. It is a form of appreciation depicting that the cat likes you. So, the next time you pet a cat, and it closes its eyes, you should know that it likes and appreciates you.

  • They Trust You

One of the biggest reasons cats close their eyes while being adored is the trust they have developed for you. Being natural predators since birth, cats do not trust anyone easily. This implies they prefer not to close their eyes quickly since they think it might lead them to danger. So, felines are always well aware of their surroundings and choose not to close their eyes if they feel threatened. However, if your cat closes its eyes while petting them, it indicates your pet trusts you completely.

  • They Feel Relaxed

Like humans, cats tend to close their eyes when they feel relaxed. Cats are fond of special treatment and greatly admire little relaxation sessions. Petting a cat makes them highly comfortable and improves their blood circulation. Overall, if you wish to make your cat feel relaxed and have a good nap, you can caress it with gentle strokes for a brief period. Also, you can check out the Furhaven ThermaNAP Self-Warming Cat Bed. This super comfy bed has an insulated design to help your cat sleep well.


So, the next time you find your feline friend closing its eyes during a snuggle session, you already know why! However, if you find any other strange cat behavior when you pet them, consult the vet for better assistance.

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