Why Do Cats Make Us Happy?

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Felines are indeed happy pills. Ever wondered why? Or how? Petting is a reflection of a soul that is longing to connect with another. In that case, any pet would make you happy, but cats are more special because they are the cutest and sweetest of all pets undoubtedly. So, once you start to pet a cat, he will be your go-to place when you are moody, happy, and just wanted to relax. Also, they tend to elevate your dopamine and induce in you the instant joy, which is scientifically proven.


If you observe people who own a cat, they will always seem to be happy and contented. That is why most of the celebrities own a cat. They would never cause you any stress unless you feel annoyed in their presence. Even if you don’t own a cat, we are sure you must have come across various cat videos online, which can turn your mood. You will start smiling at their cuteness, and they could be damn funny. But have you thought if your cats are trying to make you happy?


It is a long shot, but you must know that cats tend to make you happy in one or the other way. Maybe you may never realize it with their presence. But there have been cases when the cat owners have been devastated when the cats are not around them, unfortunately. They influence not only your mood but also your wellbeing in various ways you have no idea about. In this article, we will be joining the missing dots to find how the cats make humans happy.


Does the cat put an attempt to make humans happy?

Believe it or not. Cats understand humans more than you understand them. We know that they are not social animals and could be very cranky when it comes to behavior. But trust us, when they love their masters, they can go to any extent to make them happy. The only thing is, when it comes to cats, they pick people. Also, it is not very easy to get picked; cat treats and evening walks are not enough. They should genuinely trust and accept you as a master.



When they have decided to make someone happy, they pull all the stunts in the world. They closely observe every move and give what you want. They can be truly entertaining. All you need is the time for you to observe and listen. Starting from the purring softly, seeing you flip the bucket, and make you laugh, they do everything they can. Here is where the cats differ from other pets. You can leave them alone for a long time and be busy with the business for two days straight. But once you come back for relaxation, they are there for you. You don’t have to worry about their loneliness unless you don’t make them feel that way. They can play with you, perform stunts, and surely, they put an extreme effort to make you happy.


How does a cat make you happy?

You may have been pretty much confused about how cats try to cheer you. Thus, we have listed down certain instances that can help you a better understanding.



They can make more active

We are sure you all must have been in the phase where your mom had constantly asked you to leave the laziness or have constantly been bothering about your mobile usage and how you don’t go out or exercise or relax for that matter. Thus, if you own a cat, they perform numerous activities. They become intimate with the owners and come and wake you up. You can sing, dance and play with them and it offers the ultimate company. It can be a good exercise subtly. The vets have reports that show that regularly playing with a pet cat helps improve cardiovascular health. It can stimulate energy and improve the mood level.


Listening and Understanding

By being with the pet cat, you can see that you have developed the patience to listen and understand. Though they don’t talk to you, somehow, you have managed to understand their body language. They would create different types of vocals just for you and to make you happy. Most owners with practice can identify what their cats want with just their vocals. They pretend voices like birds and some reptiles. It would rather be funny to be around them. Also, when you specifically develop listening and understanding, your life becomes a lot happier.


Say bye to Mood swings

Psychologists all around the world will agree that pets generally promote self-love. It helps to improve your self-esteem. Your cats, especially if they find out that you are moody, they figure out what can make you happy. They drag and bring the videogames, fight with the mirror in front of you, bring interactive toys, and wanted to play with you. Also, they try to stand within their limits strictly. They don’t perform any activities that can annoy you or irritate you at that time.



Try to match the instance in your daily life. Are your cats performing any of these activities? Observe and follow them. There are studies that they have proven how they can help even the kids. A kid who is not too social can be made more interactive and smarter by introducing him to a cat because cats are too naughty to ignore and play along. They are very active other than the times they doze off. They will also make sure your kid is happy and safe in his presence. Similarly, there are more instances you can across.


The following table will give you an overview of how you can feel happy.

How cats make you happy?



Knocks down your solitude effortlessly Loneliness has always been a major worry of an individual. A cat could drag you out of it effortlessly, as they are too good at playing and engaging you.
Inexpensive entertainer In this social world, there are still people who are not fond of fancy entertainments like clubbing and partying; others hate turning up to shows. For those cats can be a treasure of happiness because it can keep you entertained with its mischiefs almost all the time it is awake.
Keeps depression at bay Mittens are too cute that it can lit a smile on your face even with its expressionless face. It will boost your mood just with a simple cuddle. These little creatures are not just cute but very clever and can sense the ill mood of their owner almost instantly and can do all possible pampering to make sure they are fine.
They can make you smile all the time. Felines are hilarious creatures. They can make you laugh your lungs out with their weird stretches and the innocent faces they make after their naughtiness.
More friends Suppose you are an introvert and worried about that. Better get a cat. Because, once you get used to the comfort of a cat, it becomes your religion and culture. It will make you gravitate towards people of this same interest, and you will gel along sooner than ever.
Better relationship Everyone wants a partner who is compatible with their wishes. In that case, a cat owner’s first thing in their checklist is a partner who loves cats. Next time you want to date a person who is fond of cats, try this pick-up line “Are you my feline? Because you pump up my dopamine to a great level.”
Pocket friendly Yes, cats can save your pennies greatly. You need not spend much on their food, as they require only less and that too the easily available things in your kitchen. They are neither aggressive nor would run away, so you need not spend on their cages too. They won’t make you visit the vet often.


Cats can not only keep you happy but also can gift you and people around you with a sound body and soul. They can impressively influence humans. They will present you with health, which would be otherwise impossible. Many pieces of research have made sure this is given in the table below.



Proven health benefits of being with a cat



Increases your life expectancy The risk of heart attack and stroke is threatening these days greatly. If you own a feline, you better sit back and relax. Because your pet would do the part and helps you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke to a greater extent, this has been proven with many types of research.
No more insomnia A cat is known for its sleepy head. It sleeps around 15 hours a day. It will tempt you to do so. Even if not 15 hours, at least half of that, which is more than enough for a human. A cat is an unset alarm. It will also make you feel safe when slept along, which will induce sleep in you effortlessly.
Sound mind Researches have proven that cat can increase the happy hormones in your body and relieve you from stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also provide you a peaceful mind. It will increase the alertness of your brain and make you more productive and smarter than ever.
A cat in your way keeps doctors away  So, here is a new proverb. Yes, you read it right. Surveys say cats provide you with too many health benefits that, cat owners visit doctors comparatively less than those who don’t.
Healing bio-resonance The purr of a cat is said to have a frequency of 18-140Hz, which is a healing frequency. These frequencies help heal tendons and bones.
Guards your kid Felines are almost another parent to your kid. Because just like you, they care about your kid and render them with asthma and allergy free lungs. They are proven to have a positive effect over autism kids too.


We hope that you have understood the benefits of having a cat around. But the real question is, does your cat sense you being happy. Read further to understand the specifics.


Can cats sense your mood?

New research has strong evidence that cats are sensitive to human gestures and emotions. In Oakland University, Rochester, a study was conducted for 12 cats and their owners. It is found that the animals behaved strangely according to their owner’s behavior. When they see the owner smiling, cats significantly show a positive attitude. They volunteer themselves to get pet form the owner’s lap. They try to spend more time with the owners while performing more activities. But when they find that their owner is frowning, their attitude completely changes. Also, it is seen the cats tend to spend more time with the owners who show a positive response. By this, it is proved that cats can always understand the emotions of humans.



Thus, we strongly suggest that you must be responding to the cats when you see that they put effort. It is also seen that they need human interaction over anything. Hence, you can become a lot closer to them while deciding to play and feed them. They have top choices of toys like Cat feather teasers and wands. Check out the Pet Fit product on the interactive wand with a feather. They can be amazingly helpful, and it will be one of the ways to show them that you are happy with what they do.



A human can help a human in various ways, but an animal being this beneficial is a high note. That is why a cat can make you happier than a human could. If you prefer a home rather than a house, its better you own a cat. Even if you are a bachelor or living alone due to work or studies, you can always trust and have the cat over at your home. Make your life interesting by interacting with the cats.

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