Why Does My Cat Always Hide From Me?

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Cats, by nature, aren’t as friendly as dogs are. They do open up to their owners, but it takes them some time to develop that love and trust. They simply won’t wag their tails when meeting you for the first time. However, if your cat has been hiding from you for quite some time, it could be a cause for worry. Generally speaking, cats hide just because they feel safe from any predators that could be lurking around.


It might seem weird in a home setup. However, this is a trait they have gathered from their ancestors who used to live in the wild.


Do Cats Normally Hide?

Yes, it is completely normal for a cat to find a place to hide around when it’s not the time for their meal. They could find a spot in the cabinet, shelf, bed, closet, bag, or even under your blankets. They would want to hide anywhere that looks cozy and comfortable, even in a box. Even a cat that has been with you for quite some time might seek places that provide them with some quiet, warmth, safety, & potential pouncing.


There isn’t something wrong with you; rather, it is just in the nature of the cats. However, if your cat has been suddenly exhibiting this behavioral trait, you might need to observe them closely or even book a trip to the veterinarian.


Why Does Your Cat Start Hiding Suddenly?

A feline who hasn’t ever hidden before might start this habit just because it wants to. However, it could also be pointing out something that is wrong with the pet. The cat might also be adapting to new changes around the house. If you recently added a soft rug below the bed, your cat might love spending time on it below the bed.


Some cats aren’t as open to new changes in the house, especially the ones that tend to make noises. It could be a newly installed ceiling fan that has been causing your cat to spend its time hiding away from you or the room in which it has been installed. The whirring and motion might cause the pet to hide away and refrain from entering the room.


Other reasons for your cat to hide for a long time are that they might not be feeling well, or they might be scared and even stressed. As per veterinarians, if a shy cat spends the day hiding around the house, it is normal. The issue arises when the social cats start showing this behavior all of a sudden. This particular behavior often indicates fear, stress, medical issues, or even a combination of all.


Is It Normal For Cats To Hide When Sick?

Yes, a common reason for your pet to hide is when they start exhibiting any symptoms of sickness. We, humans, love some attention and love when we feel sick. However, cats are just the opposite. Cats are predatory when talking about their nature.


However, there are larger preys that can pounce and hunt them. So, an old or sick animal could be a quick target for bigger predators. Obvious signs of sickness will alert the predators that this feline is sick. This is why cats have, with time, evolved to mask any signs of pain or illness by hiding in secure spots.


So, you will now understand that it is difficult to detect whether your cat is suffering from an illness. Some common indicators of a cat that is sick include:

  • Appetite loss
  • Lethargy
  • Hiding

If your feline friend tucks in a hiding spot or has been sleeping way more than normal, it suggests that they are dealing with some health problems. If they aren’t eating or refrain from coming out of their hiding spot, you might have to get in touch with your vet.


Is It Fine For New Cats To Hide?

If you have recently adopted a cat, it will need some time to get accustomed to its surroundings. When it is introduced to your home, it will immediately start looking for a safe space. They will take some time to get accustomed to unfamiliar sounds, smells, & sights. While some cats get accustomed very fast, others might take some time to find a hiding spot that is safe and comfortable for them.


If your kitty needs some time, just wait for them. To boost your cat’s confidence, you can provide some water and food by its hiding spot. You can also provide a box near the hiding spot with some toys to help them spend some time. A great toy you can get for your pet is the Legendog Catnip Toy. This chew toy is perfect for cats that are teething and are filled with catnip to help calm your cat.



Try to spend some time in a place where your cat can see or hear you while feeling safe and comfortable. With time, your cat’s trust will increase and slowly, it will start coming out of its safe space.


How Long Should I Wait While My Cat Stays Hidden?

For most cats, hiding is a temporary and normal thing. Your cat will regularly come out from its hiding to play, eat, pee, poop, or even spend some time with you if they feel comfortable. If your pet has been hiding for a long time, you need to rule out any medical issues. Get in touch with your veterinarian, and ensure a full-body checkup for your pet.


If you have completely ruled out any medical issues, start noticing things that might be affecting your pet. In case your pet has recently lost a partner, it could also be the reason that they are in hiding, especially if they bonded very well. They need some time to mourn. So, let them be in their safe space.


So, let us narrow down the reasons your cat might be hiding all the time and the best ways to tackle the issue.


Tips To Help Your Cat

Pain or Illness Try to notice the symptoms and get in touch with the veterinarian.


Anxiety or Stress Give your cat their space or try to spend some time to help take their mind off the thing that has been causing stress.
Pregnancy Do not disturb your cat while they hide during pregnancy. Make sure you ensure their spot is cozy and comfortable.
Fleas Fleas can irritate your pet which might cause them to hide. Try to give them a medicated bath to get rid of the flea or use a flea collar.
Change In Surroundings Hiding induced due to change in the surroundings does not need an intervention. So, let them get accustomed to the surroundings.




Do not ever force your cat to come out of its hiding. Try to develop a sense of trust with time while respecting their independence. Some tasty treats, patience, & love can help strengthen your bond while helping them come out from their hiding.

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