Why Does My Cat Follow Me From Room To Room?

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Cats are curious creatures, and their curiosity is possibly what’s making them follow you around. They are one of the most charming pets that keep you engaged and entertained with their sometimes-wild behaviors. They also have strange ways of displaying affection for their owners.


Cats have a habit of clinging to their owners, following their every step, and going around whenever they move. They do it for a variety of reasons. So, if you are wondering why your cat follows you from room to room (even to the loo!), you are not alone. Here, we will tell you some of the most common reasons your cat won’t leave your side. So, come check it out!


Why Does Your Cat Follow You Around?

Cats have reasons for everything they do, even their clingy behavior. They are not very communicative or expressive creatures, which often makes their behavior appear mysterious. However, cats are pretty predictable, and they often do things that are familiar to them. Sometimes, your cat may follow you for the most obvious reasons.


Your cat may follow you for your attention, to get some love and care, or simply for food because they are hungry. They could also follow you around to watch your activities because you are more entertaining than anything else.



So, if you are wondering whether it is normal for your cat to follow you around, the answer is yes. Here are some major reasons your cat follows you from room to room.


Your Cat Has A Strong Bond With You

When cats have a strong bond with their owners, they follow them everywhere. They give them company in the bathroom and become their sleep buddies. People might think that cats are perfectly content when they are left alone all day. But that’s the opposite of how they feel. They get to show their love and affection only when you are around.



So, if your cat follows you to the bathroom and jumps into your bed when it’s sleep time, that’s because your cat loves you dearly. These creatures have such a strong connection with you that they can’t keep themselves away from you. Everything they do gets more exciting when you are around because they have someone to entertain.


Your Cat Wants To Get Your Attention

Your cat may think that following your every move is the best way to draw your attention. People unfamiliar with feline behavior often believe cats enjoy spending time alone, doing their kitty things. However, they like to do their kitty things when you are around them.


Following you around the room will get you to give them what they want, including petting, playing with them, or sharing a delectable treat. To ensure your feline partner remains a happy, healthy cat, comply and offer it plenty of attention and daily enrichment activities.


So, you can get them some cat toys like the Petstages Tower of Tracks 3-Tier Cat Toy to play with and keep them busy.


Your Smell Is Comforting To Them

One of the primary reasons for your cat following you to the bathroom is your body smell that the small enclosure is full of. Cats that love the smell of their owners tend to go after them to the bathroom. In addition, your bathroom may have a plethora of intriguing aromas that appeal to their feline inclinations.


Moreover, cats find your kitchen, laundry area, and bedroom full of odors to investigate and explore. It keeps them calm since these places are full of your scent. They also have a lot of toys to engage themselves in fun activities in these places, including the sink and top of the shelves.


They Are Following Their Routine

Humans have routines, and so do cats. And following you from room to room is one of the parts of their routine activities. It is a part of their established habit that gives them comfort and a form of regularity that cats love. It may have formed when they were kittens, following their mothers around. So, when they grow up, and you become their mother, they turn to you for food, comfort, and security.


One of the reasons for their following you around is early weaning. It is a process where the owner gradually makes them less dependent on them. However, early weaning can make them too dependent on you. If you accustomed them to specific activities as a kitten, like snuggling on your lap, they would want this to continue as long as they are with you.


Quenching Their Curiosity

Your cat follows you from one room to another simply because it is curious. These pets like being aware of your every move and learning about your activities at all times. Cats follow their owners only to see what they are doing. Moreover, they engage in the activities you do instead of merely following you around, adding their touch to everything you do.


When cats are too lazy to move, they will sometimes follow you around with their eyes. However, they immediately act when they see you doing something intriguing. For example, they climb up on the counter to get a closer look at what you are cooking or get comfortable on top of the laundry, anticipating your next move.


How To Keep Your Cat Engaged?

If your cat is following you for specific reasons, you can try different methods to keep them engaged. However, your cat might also have an underlying condition causing them to become extra clingy. Some of these conditions are hyperthyroidism, pain due to internal injuries, or separation anxiety.


Seeking the help of a veterinarian is the best option as they can diagnose the condition and recommend necessary solutions. You can also try some techniques at home to reduce clingy behavior.


Check the table below to help your cat become less clingy and more loving.

Reasons For Clinginess Products To Use To Do Away With It
Anxiety Calming Supplements and Hemp Oil
Boredom Cat Toys and Food Puzzles
Stress Scratch Posts and Cat Caves


Wrapping Up

Cats have weird ways of showing affection for their owners. Following you around the room is one of them. Enjoy the attention they shower you with, but keep an eye when they become too clingy. It could be because of some underlying medical condition. Seek professional help to keep your furry balls in the purr of health.


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