Why does my cat grab my leg when I walk?

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Felines have their reasonable share of odd behaviors and tendencies. But unfortunately, many behaviors and tendencies result from their little curiosity about us or their strong attachment to us. So, does your cat grab your leg when you walk near it?


Well, one of the primary causes your feline will grab your leg is because they want to play. Your cats feel that pulling your leg will interest you and provoke a response. A kitty committing this is probably bored and wants you to play with it. Here is everything you need to know about why your cat shows this behavior.


What makes my cat grab my leg when I walk?

 The primary reasons your feline grabs your leg while you walk are because of natural instinct, anxiety, need for attention, and boredom. Below are more reasons why your feline grabs your leg when you walk.


Natural Instinct

Felines existed as hunters when they lived in the wild. Domestic cats still have many basic instincts and traits, such as hunting and prowling. Felines instinctively attack your leg to practice and mimic their hunting abilities. It is not a reason for panic since this is not an indication of an aggressive attitude.


Nonetheless, if you see your feline digging her paws into your leg and hissing every time it attacks your leg, commit something about it quickly. Then, take it to the cat behaviorist or vet as it may be retaining some behavioral problems.



Another primary cause why your feline will attack your leg while you are walking is because they get bored. It could imply that your cats are asking you to play. These pets feel that grabbing the owner’s leg will almost certainly get their attention. Thus, felines commit this out of boredom.



Another cause your feline will attack your leg is because it wants your love and attention. While it is generally nothing to be concerned about, this could indicate separation distress. It happens when a feline becomes so connected to its human parent that it deals with a difficult period of functioning when its human parent is absent.


By grabbing the leg of their owner when they walk, felines are usually attempting to say, “Hello, I am here; render me some fondness and attention.”



Your feline might attack your leg while you’re walking because there might be something that is making the kitty afraid or anxious. It is familiar when your cat notices another animal or pet outside. Your feline pet’s body secretes significant amounts of adrenaline, which makes your cat anxious or stressed.


Therefore, they attack your leg to attempt and warn you that something frightening is outside. It usually occurs when your kitties notice another cat or dog outside your home.


Your cat strives to sharpen its hunting skills

Even domestic felines feel the necessity to chase and rehearse their hunting abilities. But, they commonly receive this out of their operation by playing with their legs or their toys.


The urge to chase after something is infused deep into your cat’s DNA. So, even if you’re unaware of it, while your cat is pouncing or chasing toys, in its mind, it is catching the target.


Your cat feels you are playing with it

Felines can periodically misunderstand their human parent’s activities for something else. For example, their owner may just be walking past them, but the kitty notices the shoelaces as an offer for playtime.


Felines may feel that you are intentionally committing it to attract them to offer playtime with you. And this will make the cat attack your leg.


Well, apart from grabbing your legs, cats exhibit many other actions with their limbs. So, below are what cats do with their owner’s legs and why they do so.


What do cats do with their owner’s leg?

Reason for doing so

Cuddle owner’s leg
Cuddling your legs enables them to sense your existence while they’re sleeping peacefully.
Attack the owner’s leg
Anxiety is the reason for aggression. So, your feline may scratch and bite your legs because of severe pain, illness, anxiety, or stress experienced by your cat.
Bite owner’s leg
By spending a lot of time alone, a feline finds biting its legs the ideal chance to practice its natural hunting tendency.
Hug the owner’s leg
Felines tend to hug your legs to exhibit love and to feel safeguarded. It is another way cats show trust.



How can I stop my cat from grabbing my leg?

 Though this manner is just always in an aggressive, friendly way, it can probably become irritating. Therefore, if you are searching for solutions to stop your feline from attacking your leg, you must follow the below-mentioned ways to keep your cat entertained and distracted.


Give enrichment to your feline

 Anxiety and boredom can cause them to show and act up odd behaviors. To deal with this, give your cat lots of enrichment, such as scratching posts and interactive toys. You can get the PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher for your kitty.


Also, you can give climbing spots such as cat trees and cat shelves. Hiding spots like cardboard cartons are also perfect, so they can practice hunting abilities without disturbing you.


Schedule quality playtime

Felines grab their human parent’s legs because they need attention. Thus, being a pet owner, you need to ensure that you give some quality playtime to your cat. You must spend at least half an hour with your feline every day for some quality connection period.


Get another feline pet

You can consider adopting another feline so your feline will get a playtime companion and constant buddy if you aren’t present at the residence.


However, you need to ensure that their attitudes match and are perfectly acquainted with each other.


Give preventive medication

Felines that often attack your leg or show other odd behavior, such as becoming aggressive and biting your leg, could be expressions of behavioral issues. Contact your veterinarian on the proper preventive medication for them.


Also, ensure that you keep your feline healthy by ensuring that your cat’s deworming sessions and vaccinations are up-to-date.



 Felines are playful animals, but they can show strange behavior, such as attacking your leg while walking. They probably commit this to asking you to give them quality playtime or grab your attention. Cats may also do this because they are agitated or anxious, and it is instinctive. Now you understand that being swiped, attacked, or grabbed by your feline while walking is something that most cat parents have to handle.

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