Why Does My Cat Have a Fat Pouch?

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Like any other cat owner, do you also wonder, what is that fatty pouch in the belly of your cat? Is that a flabby belly? Or is it just that your cat is gaining weight? Whatever it be, the best part about cats is that even if they have a fatty pouch in their belly, they will look the cutest.


However, the fat pouch or primordial pouch can still make you brainstorm about the reason for its occurrence and what it is used for. So, what is it, and why do your cats have a primordial pouch near their tummy? Here, have a look.


What is it all about this pouch?

Even if you have a slim cat, they are still going to have a little hanging belly. This fat pouch in your cat’s body is like a saggy layer of skin, also known as the primordial pouch. However, there is nothing to worry about this fat addition, as it is a normal part of your cat’s anatomy. The primordial pouch is located just next to the length of their area in the stomach. But it is visible near the rear end.


Most kitties come with this kind of abdominal flap, which makes them look cuter. However, the size of the primordial pouch varies from one cat to another based on their body structure and length.


Do you know what is cuter and weirder about this fat pouch? It sways from one side to another when your little kitty walks, making their stance look more charming. This pouch becomes more prominent in the older ones or overweight cats.


Why cats have a primordial pouch in their belly?

There can be many reasons for your feline pet to have a primordial pouch or a fat pouch in their lower abdomen area. The presence of the primordial pouch is quite beneficial for your cat. So, here are the most probable reasons why they have a cute little fat pouch in their body.



  • For protection

The primordial pouch has evolved for a variety of reasons. The most prominent purpose of this fat pouch in your feline pet is to protect their sensitive and soft lower belly area. Felines have a very natural instinct to fight with other cats and their predators. So, to protect their sensitive tummy from such aggressive actions, the primordial pouch works as a shield over their belly.


  • To store foods

Have you ever wondered that a cute little pocket in your cat’s body might be a great way to store more food? If you have, then you are right to some extent. Their stretchy stomachs have a primordial pouch to make them able to hold some food for a while in their tummy. It helps them sustain their hunger for a longer time when they don’t know at what time they will get their next meal.


  • For stretching

Your cute little kitties have got some great ways to keep their body healthy and happy. The extra pouch of fat in your feline pet helps them with their running abilities. It allows the cat to have a greater stretch while taking a long stride.


What is the myth regarding the primordial pouch?

Many cat owners feel that their cat has a fat pouch below their lower belly area only because they have been spayed or neutered. However, this is not at all true. It is very natural for all cats to have a primordial pouch.


Does having a primordial pouch mean your cat is overweight?

Well, this is a myth that many cat owners tend to have regarding the primordial pouch in their belly. Most owners think that the primordial pouch in their pet’s body is due to being overweight. So, how do you tell that your cat has a simple primordial pouch or they are overweight?



The ideal weight in your cat can be marked from their clear waistline when observed from above, with a little hanging belly. Also, if they have normal body weight, their ribs can be felt when you hold them in your hands. In such cases, the slimy and tender fatty pouch in the belly area is simply the primordial portion.


On the other hand, if your cats have a round belly with a thicker layer of fat on their ribs without any distinct waistline, you can call them overweight. In case your feline pet is really obese, you need to take the necessary actions to make sure they have proper body weight.


How to get rid of a fatty layer from the belly of your cat?

There is simply no need to worry if your cats possess a primordial pouch in their belly. But if they are overweight, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, here are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to eliminate the fatty layer from your cat’s tummy.


Step 1: Know whether your cat has fat or a primordial pouch

First of all, you need to assess whether your cat has a primordial pouch or a fatty belly. The pouch in the body of your cat will feel like loose skin. Press the pouch gently to know if it has any nodule and lump.


Step 2: Give them good quality food

If you feel that your cat has a fatty belly, you need to feed them with foods having an AAFCO statement on its package. Such labeled food items fulfill the basic nutritional needs of a cat, which is essential to keep them healthy from the inside. At the same time, it is also vital to offer them foods that contain animal proteins.


Step 3: Offer them fresh water

Besides giving your cats the best quality food, it is essential to offer them fresh, clean water every day to keep their kidney functions proper and healthy.


Step 4: Engage your feline pet in regular exercise

Include some easy exercises in their daily routine. If your cat is too lazy, then try to indulge them in some physical activities. Picking some engaging games or toys will also be an excellent option to keep them energetic the whole day. You can easily opt for the Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments to keep them active


What are the most prominent cat breeds that have a primordial pouch?

The primordial pouch may not be much prominent in all cat breeds.


So, here is a list of those breeds that possess a noticeable primordial pouch.

Popular cat breeds that are known for their pouch

Egyptian Mau They have a very prominent fat pouch that extends from the posterior ending of their ribcage to their hind limbs.
Pixiebob These muscular cats have a very fluffy and hanging visible pouch in their lower abdomen area.
Bengal The Bengal cats are pretty slim yet have a very prominent swingy pouch.




The fatty pouch in the lower abdomen area of your cat is nothing to worry about as it is simply a cute part of their anatomy. However, if your cat is obese, you must take note of it to help them lose weight effectively.

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