Why Does My Cat Have a Leaky Butt?

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Getting a kitty home sounds quite exciting and allows one to enjoy some quick snuggle and giggle sessions, but that is not all. There is a lot more that you need to do as a cat parent. Cat parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities to shoulder and thus requires one to pay attention to cat health at the same time apart from all the jolly good times. And by paying heed to cat health means, inspecting them thoroughly from head to toe.

Your cats may easily fall prey to gastrointestinal problems and parasite attacks. Thus, you need to keep a check on their anal health as well. Many of you might have noticed an anal discharge, but have wondered why such a thing happens? Here in this article, we are going to pen down the reasons behind the emanate and a few associated parameters that you need to know to take good care of your felines:

Why is there a fluidal discharge from your cat’s butt?

The anal glands are responsible for secreting fluids from a cat’s butt and are located on either side of the anus. The secretion occurs for two reasons- first for easy defecation as this fluidal discharge acts as a lubricant that allows ease of pooping, secondly, the fluid has its unique smell that a cat uses to sense themselves and to mark their territory.

When a cat excretes, the poop pushes the anal glands, which causes a liquid secretion; there may be other reasons for the secretion too, such as fear, anxiety, etc. When your cat is exposed to an environment or a person whom it fears then, you can spot a liquid leak from its anus.

Apart from these common reasons for a liquid leak, there are chances that your cats may be prone to health issues that give birth to such a discharge. Here are a few other reasons for a leaky butt:

  • Impacted anal glands: Impacted anal glands is a situation that arises due to the blockage of the anal gland duct. Owing to the blockage, the glands tend to swell and further get filled with fluid. This condition is not extremely painful until and unless your cats accrue infection along with impaction. But the anal glands expand, causing a dark-colored fluid release from the anal part.
  • Infection: Anal gland infection is another reason which causes a fluid release along with inflammation in the anal area. Anal gland infection is also known by the name Saculitis and results in a yellow-colored or blood discharge from the anal organ.
  • Abscess: Accruing anal infection is just the beginning of an anal issue. Liquid releases from the anus can be a significant cause of concern if you happen to observe an enlarged anal gland exhibiting a color change from red to purple. This kind of case is known as developing an abscess, which grows further to form a fistula causing your cats to feel uncomfortable and restless.

Color of Liquid discharge and its probable reason 

Owing to the color of liquids that come out from your cat’s rear end, you may make out what has gone wrong with your cat.

Read further to learn about how the liquid color can give you a brief idea of what your cats are going through:

Color Reason
Brown It is said that if a brown-colored liquid comes out of your cat’s rear end, then probably your cat has fallen prey to diarrhea.
Yellow color The yellow color is also an indication that your cats are suffering from indigestion and have accrued diarrhea.
Red liquid It is said that if a brown-colored liquid comes out of your cat’s rear end, then probably your cat has fallen prey to diarrhea.
Clear liquid Sometimes cats discharge clear mucus from their anus due to anal glands.  But there are chances that your cats are prone to bacterial overgrowth, colitis, parasites, or even tumors in case of a transparent liquid secretion.

So, if you happen to find any such discharge from your cat’s rear end, make sure that you consult a vet to get them the apt treatment. If the professionals find something serious, they can go further to diagnose your balls by running appropriate tests and diagnoses.

Symptoms of leaky butt

Sometimes the cat showcases a change in its behavior, alarming you that something is fishy with your cat. So here are a few traits that cats exhibit for you to eye on them to detect if they are suffering from any anal disorders:

  • Tail chase: Your cats may get cranky to get hold of their tails now and then. They do try to catch their tails while being playful, but excessive trials mean they are indeed facing some issues.
  • Tail licking: You may also spot your cats licking and biting their tails quite often when they accrue any such rear-end problems.
  • Swollen anus: Swelling around the anus area is also an indicator that your cats are facing anal problems. Apart from swelling, you can also tend to spot hard flesh over the anal area.
  • Scooting: Cats usually do not drag their bottoms on the ground as they are very particular about cleanliness. But if you happen to witness them doing any such act, then probably your cats are prone to anus pain.

Should one wipe off their cat’s butt?

Being a cat owner, you may be well aware of their cleanliness habits, so this question may vary depending on your cats. You have to crack it for yourself whether your cats need a wiping. On a normal stance, your cats can handle it themselves, but there might be chances that they may need assistance. So here are a few instances when your cats may need a wipe from your side:

  • Soft stool: If your kitty’s feces come out softer than usual, then the chances are that they may need your help. The soft stool may stick on their anal part, and thus it may be difficult for them to get rid of the same. So, a little bit of help from their owners can help them to stay clean and tidy.
  • Health issues: If your cat is suffering from some major ailments such as arthritis, then it may not be able to clean its poop properly from its posterior part. They may face difficulty in bending and cleaning their butts and thus may require a wiping service from their cat parents.
  • Fatty catty: If you love your cat excessively and all the love comes out in the form of lovely treat meals for your cats, then the day is not far when you will find a fat cat sitting like a potato couch in one corner of your house. Not only does this plumpness cause health issues, but it may also make it difficult for your cats to reach down there for a quick clean-up. Thus, you may have to come to the forefront to offer your poor fat kitties a butt clean-up.

How to wipe a cat’s butt?

For wiping off your cat’s butt, baby wipes can serve as handy for you. If you do not have it at home, then a soft cotton cloth can be used instead. Also, you get to buy pet cleansing wipes, and you can bring them to use to provide your cats with a smooth bum wipe. If you find that your cats still can’t resist the licking attempt, then you can also use plain water and cloth to clean the mess so that your cats do not swallow any chemicals that are present in cleansing wipes.


So, this was a quick guide as to why you see a liquid oozing out from the hind of your cats. Now that you know the reasons and symptoms of the liquid leakage, we hope that you will not take things lightly and will fix an appointment with a vet because it is always better to be safe than sorry. We wish you happy cat parenting!

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