Why Does My Cat Judge Me?

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Did you catch your cat giving you another look of disapproval? Or a look that suggests that it is disappointed in you? Perhaps it’s different from what you are thinking. Cats shoot looks that tell a lot about their mood and overall nature. So now, if you are wondering why your cat is judging you, some of the reasons could be how you groom your cat, your body language toward the cat, or maybe you are not giving it some space. Continue reading this blog to know more about it.

The Myth of Judgement

Many researchers believe cats are not judgemental but only look at you in a way that seems like it. But the reality is, compared to humans and dogs, cats have a slightly different approach to expressing themselves. It is evident that every creature has its distinct characteristics, and saying that your cat is judging is somewhat unfair to the cat.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Judging You

These could be the reasons why your cat is staring at you or maybe judging you:

1. Change in Your Body Language

Your cat will not appreciate it if you suddenly start treating it differently. If, on a particular day, you spend a lot of time with it, the next, it will come back to you again because it expects affection from you. If you don’t show it the kind of attention it expects, get ready for its judgemental looks.

2. Poor Grooming Sessions

They say, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. It may be applicable in the case of cats. If you groom your cat with care and affection, it will love you back. For grooming your cat, you can use  Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush. But if you don’t give it all your attention, don’t be surprised if your cat shoots you a bizarre look.

3. Moods and Temperament

Cats could be moody, too, just like people like you and me. Naturally, cats are conservative and mainly appreciate being let alone. If you catch your cat minding its business, brushing your fingertips on its head might not be a good idea. But if you still decide to pet it, and it shoots a look at you, don’t say we did not warn you.

4. Different Patterns in Socialization

Some cats like to socialize, while others stay as far as possible from everyone. Depending on the cat’s nature, it will react to your actions. If you pet a friendly cat, it is likely to sit on your lap. If you pet an anti-social cat, it will hiss and run away. In all this process, you are also expected to get a judgemental look from it. Watch out!

5. A Change in Your Cat’s Routine

A slight change in the routine of the cat could make a difference. If its usual supper time is 11 but, one day, you serve it food an hour later, it will notice the change because they get so used to their routine. Make sure you stay within their ideal timings to avoid getting judgemental looks.

6. Invading Their Personal Space

Personal space is an important subject matter for cats. If a cat isolates itself from you, it needs some private time. Now, if you decide to invade their space when they are not in the mood, you guessed it right: a judgemental look is coming.

Is Your Cat’s Tail Indirectly Judging You?

Many may not be aware, but apart from its body, a cat uses its tail to express emotions. However, it is worth mentioning that a cat’s tail movement does not necessarily indicate that it is judging you, but these could be the reasons where we could say it might be:

Cat’s Tail PositionWhat Does It Indicate?
Straight upThe cat is happy and confident.
Down on the groundThe cat is being defensive.
Behind positionsThe cat is confused.
WagsThe cat is either furious or afraid.


Your cat is not judgemental but may want you to respect its private space. Depending on the creature’s nature and personality, they react to certain situations that may seem like they dislike. So, here we provide you with a different perspective — rather than thinking your cat is judging you, believe it is trying to communicate with you through body language.


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