Why Does My Cat Keep Showing Me It’s Butt?

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Cats do a lot of strange things, but most of them can be explained by their behavior. However, have you ever wondered why cats show their butt? Isn’t it weird? You scratch the eyes, rub the belly, and the next thing you can see is that the cats suddenly show their butt. It is bizarre, and one may end up thinking about what they are trying to convey. So here is the article to help you understand the different aspects of this behavior.


Myths and Facts about Why Cats show their butt

It is a common myth the cats become aroused from all the petting you do. As a result, they show you their butt, but this is not true. It is a false portrayal that cats get sexually stimulated. But the fact is that they want to establish affection towards their owners.


Showing the butt is not common with all the cats. Each one is peculiar with how to respond to their owners. You may find it very unpleasant, and it might even disturb you for a while. Although knowing the reasons might help you.



Your cats want to tell you that they love and trust you. Especially when they consider you as their maternal figure, they tend to show their butt. Instead of feeling insulted, you may have to appreciate and acknowledge their emotional response towards you because this is a way to tell you that ‘You are special.’


You may wonder if there are no other ways for the cats to show their affection, but the explanation is simple. Kittens usually get physical attention from their mothers. If you had ever got a chance to see a kitten being petted by its mom, it is mostly by licking and trying to keep it clean.


The mothers usually clean even the kitten’s sensitive parts and ensure that they feel comfortable about it. To be more specific, mothers do this to make the kittens expulse facets easily. It explains why a cat shows its butt. When you pay a lot of attention and help keep them clean, they are triggered by their instincts. It is an impulsive and momentous reaction by the cats to show their rear end.


If you find this response annoying, you can stop petting the cats as soon as they show their butt. Once you resume doing it, they are going to show their butt.


Probably when cats show their butt, you can turn them around. Immediately cuddle with them or play with their nose. It means you are acknowledging them and making them understand that your emotional response towards them is different.


Generally, cats are quick to catch on to what their masters or owners are reacting to. The cat will, therefore, understand what it needs to do to make you feel comfortable.


Why cats show their butt?

When cats show their butt, it does not always mean instincts drive them. Sometimes there can be other reasons. When they are aggressive and have fear, the cats start to sniff their tail. This action may also look like the cat is about to show the butt.



Here is the table to help you identify certain weird habits of cats.

Cat’s Weird habits


Chewing weird things The cats love to chew soft materials like woolen clothes, socks, and rubber bands. You can see this behavior mostly in the kittens who are brought home before the weaning stage is over. They try to chew inedible things to show that they are hungry.
Sleeping in dark places The cats love to sleep in small boxes and dark places. They feel cozy and secure by choosing these places. This behavior is common, especially when cats are in households with multiple pets. It is a safe way to hide from predators.
Showing their belly Cats show their belly only to the trusted people at home. They love to get pat in the belly, which is a pure form of communicating their love towards you. It shows that they trust you like their mother.
Knocking things over The cats knock over the potted plants very often. They create a huge mess at home by knocking on different things like furniture, vessels, and also articles. The cats are trying to check the strength of the paws by pushing these things.
Nibbling Cats nibble at the home, especially if you have plants inside the home. The reason for this is that their tummy is upset & they feel comfortable nibbling. It is also to get your attention to show that something is bothering them.


These are some of the common weird behaviors in cats that you may find strange, although you can understand the reasons only by observing them closely.


For example, even if cats showing their butt to you, they try to communicate through the smell to their human companions. The anal glands are the most crucial source of scent for the cats.


The vets further explain that the cat displays its butṭ when the cats want their parents to know that something is bothering their health and being. The cats have scent glands all over their body. However, the glands at the tail’s base help you to understand the health, gender, and age. Especially if these areas become itchy, then they try to show them to the owners.


The table below will give you an idea about the rear end odors in the cat.

Health concerns related to odor 

Why should you worry about the odor?

Matting Usually, cats clean the rectum and genitals after matting. But in case they are unable to clean this area, they tend to create a strange smell. You can purchase this product from Tropiclean, which helps to remove the stain and odor perfectly.
Poor Grooming Due to overweight or age factor, the cat may not be able to groom the rear area or their tail. Hence, cats often show their butt for cleaning.
Diarrhea You may notice an intolerable smell that you can sense from the entire body. The fluid is leaking in the anus area, and the cat cannot keep itself clean during this time.
Urinary Infection When the cat develops an unpleasant odor and dribbles out, it may be due to a urinary infection. It causes a bad odor around the urethra.



We hope that this article has helped you in understanding the different reasons why cats show their butt. As a pet parent, you must be familiar with the odor of your cat. If you find anything unpleasant or strange, you always recommend that you take them to the vets.

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