Why Does My Cat Like to Cuddle with Me?

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Are you having a tiny little cute feline friend at your home? Then you must be familiar with the little paws cuddling with you. Or maybe your cat does not like to cuddle much. But do you know why?

The intimate cuddle feels too great and affectionate to have. But have you tried to find the reason behind it? In case it makes you wonder why your cat loves to cuddle you or maybe why your cat does not like to cuddle like others, then this article is definitely for you. Read on to know more about the cat cuddles.

How do cats cuddle?

Have you noticed that your cat is coming to your lap and squeezes itself into a piece of cotton and snuggles to you like you are the safest nest? Or does your cat come and sit beside you when lying on your bed and start being cozy beside you? If yes, then your cat loves to cuddle with you.

Cuddling is a behavior that a cat borrows from its childhood. During the kitten stage, the cats love to snuggle next to their mom to feel warmth and safety. So, whenever your cat comes and turns into a ball, then it is trying to say that you must cuddle with your cat and show it some affection. They often cuddle with you to feel safe and warm.

Why do your kitties love to cuddle?

Though there are such beliefs that kitties love being loners, most of them are quite lovely around being cuddly. But the question that you might think is why does my cat like to be subtle with me? Well, there are an array of reasons that makes a cat crave your cuddles. So why do they do it? Have a look:

To look for warmth and safety:

Cats love to snuggle at a soft and cozy place, which serves them a sense of security. It is the behavior that they learn as a kitten. Baby kitties are not able to regulate the temperature of their body before becoming three weeks old. They keep snuggling with their mommy, kitty, and other siblings while looking for warmth and safety during this time.

As soon as they grow, the pet cats find your lap as the source of warmth and safety, making them love to sleep near you. Adult cats snuggle with each other for warmth on the cold wintry nights, like how they do at their young age. So, your little feline buddy finds a sense of safety when it is around you. So very likely, it is going to cuddle with you.

They want attention!

Cats not only look for a sense of safety in you. Sometimes seeking for your company also says that your cat wants you to pay attention to it.  Your little furball much appreciates the attention you give to your kitty when you spend time with it. Well, your kitty rightly knows that it is going to be tough for you to resist that cute little animal trying to interact with you on your lap.  Also, such behaviors should be encouraged as cuddling is a positive method of longing for some attention. You must not ignore such snuggly behavior, which can make your kitty irritated and scratch you incessantly to get your attention.

You must encourage the practice of rewarding your kitty for snuggling and shower some more love and attention to it. You can gently pet or scratch behind the ears of your kitty to make it know that you appreciate the cuddle.

Bonding and companionship:

Snuggling is another way for your kitty to expand its sense of affection towards you. It is the way for your kitty to bond with you and other pets in your home. Also, to start and strengthen a bond, your kitty might sit beside you and snuggle with you. In case you have recently adopted a furry friend, it is very likely going to come up with such approaches to make you know that they want to befriend you.

In case your kitty does not like to be picked up or petted at the initial stage, it is very likely going to come over to you and warm-up for warmth and security. Don’t discourage the signs, as it is a way of trying to become befriended with you. All you need is to sit quietly and allow your cat to cuddle next to you. Soon your newly adopted cat is going to understand that there is nothing scary about you. Sometimes you’ll see that your cat is too friendly with you.


Most of the cats find it the best way to socialize with you.  Kittens, who come in contact with humans at the earliest weeks after they are born, tend to become very social. Hence, they love to extend their friend circle along with their extremely adorable behaviors. Thus, if your kitty often makes new friends and loves to cuddle with you, it is their socializing sign.

It also helps in building a sense of bond and affection between you and your furry friend. Who doesn’t love to cuddle around with such cuteness that loves to snuggle as a sign of friendship? So, cuddle along.

To get an emotional boost:

Just like you, your cat can have a bad day. Whether it is insecure or jealous about the new furry pet you have bought, or your kitty has lost its favorite toy, anything can disturb its peace of mind. Also, depression is quite common among cats, which makes them stay upset all day long.

So, whenever they see you after a long day, they might come over to you for a cuddle to make you know that she needs it. It helps them ease their sense of being upset and gives them a mental boost to stay cheered up all day long.

Why is the cuddling behavior not the same in all of the cats?

If you notice properly, you can see that some of the cats love to cuddle, while others do not like it. Many cats come with different personalities and differences in their temperament, which is determined during the early weeks after they are born. It influences the likelihood of the cat for cuddles. Cats that are introduced to cuddling at a very early age tend to become more social during their young age.

Cats who are socialized at the young age of two or seven weeks old very likely prefer snuggling. Those who are regularly petted from a very young age love to cuddle more. On the other hand, if you have recently adopted a kitty, you will not know how much time it will need for cuddling. Also, your grumpy cat may not have time for such cuddles and all, while walking and chasing around makes them happier than cuddles.

Is cuddling a loved behavior by some particle breeds?

Though there are no such rules about cat breeds, who exceptionally love cuddling more than many other breeds, it is still visible in some of the species that are more socialized than the others.

Various socialization levels and a feline’s inherent tendency towards finickiness is quite significantly visible in some cat breeds. It seems like they are predisposed to enjoy the cuddles more than any other.

Cat Breeds Their interest in being cuddled
Ragdolls, PersiansEnjoys much cuddling
Bengals, AbyssiniansNot so much comfortable with cuddling

On the other hand, cats suffering from any illness may also get inclined towards cuddling irrespective of the breed. According to studies, some older cats suffering from pain or arthritis may become much more active in showing their cuddling preference. Thus, if you are seeking a cat for cuddling, then considering the age and breed might impact your decisions.

What if your cat doesn’t like to cuddle? And what does that mean?

Though kitties love to find warmth and cuddles, some cats always run away with the name of cuddling. Some of the felines do not enjoy the cat cuddles much. It can be the result of having a lack of socialization. It is very likely going to happen if the cat is not much handled during its young age. Also, some of the bad experiences related to its past can lead to hatred for cuddles. For example, hearing a loud or scary noise while being cuddled or experiencing pain during being held can make a kitty hate cuddling.

Now often, few common thoughts can come to your mind regarding your kitty’s hatred for cuddles. One of the common ones is, “does my cat hate cuddles, or does it hate me?” Though the coming of such thoughts is not so unnatural. However, just because your cat does seem to have pleasure while cuddling with you does not mean that your cat hates you. Even if the kitty does not enjoy the cuddle, it can still experience a sense of safety and affection when it is merely around you.

How can you give a proper cuddle to your cat?

Your kitty loves cuddling, so whenever you offer it, you will get good support for it. Whether you scoop it up from your lap or you pick it while it is curling near you. To give your kitty the best cuddle, you need to support them like they are newborn babies. Make sure you are gentle and firm with your patting. Do not squeeze much. You must refrain from applying too much unnecessary pressure while cuddling.

Slowly add some chin-scratching while gently patting, which is easily going to race your cat. Encourage your cat while cuddling to make sure that your kitty is enjoying the cuddle. You can also encourage them by humming some tunes that your kitty loves to enjoy.

While cuddling, make sure you support your kitty properly.  While picking, make sure it is releasing its first sign of any struggle. Make sure you are not forcing your cat to cuddle. Even your cat is becoming overstimulated, and a cat cuddle gives you a soft cat bite, don’t be scared. It is a clear signal that your kitty is done with the snuggle session, and now, it’s playtime.

You can gift your cat Petstages Cat Pillow – Soft, Soothing, and Comforting Cat Toys to snuggle when you are not around.

What are the benefits of cat cuddling?

The cat cuddle is not only a simple sign of snuggling along with your furry feline. Cuddling has its own benefits for both you and your cat.

Here is how it helps:


How does it help?

Grows the bondAs we have mentioned earlier, a cat cuddle is the best way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. It gives your cat the safest nest near you, which is so lovely to have.
Mood upliftmentA cat cuddle is a mood boost for both you and your cat. Whether your cat is not feeling good or you had a bad day at your work, a cat cuddle is going to give you the best kind of stress relief.
Better careWhen the cat comes to you for cuddles, it gives you the best time to have a close inspection of your cat. You can check its teeth or see if its coat is clean or not. You can also brush your cat’s fur, which encourages the cat grooming session.


So, now you know why your cat loves to cuddle with you. So, the next time, whenever your feline pet comes for a cuddle, don’t refuse it. Instead, give your kitty the best cuddle so that you both can enjoy a loving bond. Also, try to spend some time every day with your cat while playing with it to help them find the best buddy they love in you.

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