Why does my cat put its paw on my mouth?

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As a cat owner, you must have always been amused by the different techniques that your felines utilize to converse with you. Understanding the causes behind their activities can be complicated, but clarifying their attitude is awarding. One such amazing activity is when your cat puts its paw on your mouth, and it usually does it when you are hugging or staring at your laptop.

Probable causes why your feline puts its paw on the mouth are that it prefers you to avoid touching it, your kitty does not want to be kissed, or it is exhibiting love. Below is everything you need to know to comprehend better what your feline is trying to convey by putting its paw on your mouth.

What makes my cat put its paw on my mouth?

There are undoubtedly many probable causes why your feline puts its paw on the mouth. So, below are some reasons. Have a look!

To Show That It Trusts You

Whether your feline wishes his paws to put in your mouth, that’s a huge one. When cats sleep, they are the most defenseless. Similar is valid if the feline sleeps and holds out its paws to touch your mouth.

It is an incredible deal since it implies that your cat feels stable and comfortable. Your kitty knows that even if it is not conscious, you can’t commit something to position them in a problem. It is an outstanding supplement.

To Exhibit You Its Affection

Like individuals, felines utilize physical touch to exhibit their love for people and other cats. If you’re hugging your cat on the sofa and it reaches out so that it can touch your mouth, it may be an indication of cat affection, particularly if your feline is loudly purring at the moment.

Feline, who settles near you, blinks its eyes at you, and touches you, exhibits how much it adores you.

To Stretch Out Its Muscles

While analyzing your cat’s body language will undoubtedly boost your connection and acquaint you with the perfect time to exhibit some affection, a cat paw in your mouth could be a co-occurrence.

You may be searching for an objective, but there’s a possibility that your cat was stretching, and its paw mistakenly reached your mouth. Some felines might take off the paw just after it reaches your mouth, while others may find the posture comfortable to settle its paw resting there.

To Claim Its Personal Space

Not all cat paws settling on our mouth is an indication of affection. Instead, it may be your feline’s way to create distance between their owners and them in some matters.

Felines are recognized for their freedom, and they mainly prefer us to behave as per their expectations and needs, and since felines cannot be predicted, these can differ.

To Snuggle Up to The Owner

Felines love to rest next to their human parents because cats feel most comfortable and safe when they’re around their owners. Not just is this an indication of cat affection, but if your feline’s sleeping manners include putting its paw in your mouth, it’s an indication that it has faith in you.

After all, cats are the most powerless when they are sleeping. For a more comfortable sleep, you can consider buying a Raimaiso Plush Faux Fur Warm Bed for your cat.

Cats also have sense glands in their feet that felines use to profess their province. So, if your feline touch your mouth or kneads on you while cuddling up, it may be leaving its smell on you to exhibit to you how much it loves you.

Things to consider to figure out the main cause

Here are some things you should consider to figure out the primary reason and why you should consider them.

Factors to consider

Why is it important to consider?

When your feline first began committing it
If your feline began committing it suddenly, it might be because of aspects such as a modification of the way you carry it, or you started putting the face nearer to your cat than normal
The timing when the feline touches your face with the paw
You should also consider the timing when the feline touches your face since the timing may have some connection with it

What can I do about my cat putting its paw on my mouth?

Here are some things you need to consider to help fix the problem.

Hold Your Cat Differently

Since the feline might be committing it because it wishes you to hold or put it differently, ensure that you are holding it correctly. It would enable you to cuddle it gently, and felines often dislike it when you rub their whole backs. Usually, cats like to be patted below their chins.

Do Not Take Your Face Too Close to It

If your feline sets its paw on your face when you are putting your face close to your cat, it would be possible that your kitty commits it because it is frightened. So instead, don’t put your face too near to your feline.

Give Your Cat Toys

If your feline keeps laying its paw on your mouth to begin to play, then find out what toys exhilarate your cat and create your cat’s hunting experience. It can enable your cat to stay healthy and fit physically and mentally.

Should I stop my feline from putting its paw on my mouth?

As sweet as the movement of their fluffy paw on your mouth may be, this can have some undesirable outcomes. However, it is crucial to remember that mishaps can occur. By putting their paws on your face, you are confronted with a weapon the cats use to attack or protect themselves. Most cats keep their nails sheathed.

However, if something triggers the fight instinct or something horrifies them at the moment, then they might scratch you. Besides unfortunate mishaps, having your cat’s paw on your mouth is the most unclean thing. Felines utilize their litter box, go outside, and walk around the house.

So, it’s best not to let your kitty lay its paw on your mouth in case it causes skin irritation or scratches you by accident.


No matter the cause behind your cat’s habit with your mouth, one thing is valid, they like to put their paws on your face because they love and trust you. Your feline won’t commit this if it does not trust you.

On the contrary, if it’s a safety mechanism, then you should listen to the feline’s request. So, before prohibiting a specific attitude, we must consider what it implies and discover ways to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled.

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