Why Does My Cat Scratch The Wall?

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Cats are probably the weirdest pets that one can ever have. Those cute little kitties are simply off-the-beat with their behaviors. They are funny in every aspect but mysterious. And a cat scratching the wall is the most adorable thing to watch.


Their unending energy, cheerfulness, and weird meowing are the best part, that a cat owner enjoys. But have you ever thought that there might be some reason behind the bizarre behavior of your cat scratching the wall randomly? So, if you are also curious about your cat’s wall scratching like any other cat owner, then this article is ideal for you.


Here we will talk about the probable reasons behind this weird behavior of your kitty that you observe often. Have a look:


What are the reasons behind a cat scratching the wall?

Some cat owners believe that cats tend to scratch the wall due to their indomitable energy and spirit. It is one of the various ways to release their energy and stay active in a playful way. However, it is not at all the real scene. Instead, most cats prefer to scratch the wall to get rid of the outer dead sheath present over their sharper claws.


It is quite an instinct of theirs that helps them to keep their claws healthy and active.  Though this is the primary and the most seen reason behind your cat’s behavior, there are other reasons too, which trigger kitties to scratch walls. The following are some other probable reasons responsible for inducing such behavior in your cat.


  • Sometimes it may signify inter-cat conflicts

Your cat scratching the wall can be a sign that they have some inter-cat conflict. It mainly happens when you have more than one cat in your home as your pet. When all of them stay in one place, they tend to indulge in more conflicts due to their nature. They can hardly bear with each other. If your feline pets do not get enough space of their own as they have to share their area with others, they will be involved in fights.


Also, studies say that the cat’s scratching behavior is because of the pheromones released on the wall during the previous scratches. Thus, if a cat scratches a surface, then the other one will also do the same on that surface.


When more than one cat does it at one surface, it leads to fights! Thus, it is important to offer each cat a separate scratching surface, which will keep them away from getting into conflicts.


  • A weird way of expressing their mood

Whether your cat is bored or much happier and does not know the best way to express it, it will start scratching the wall. It is one of their very humble behaviors to show that they are happy with their place. It leaves a cute message for their owner: “I’m happy.”


You’ll easily understand their mood if you see them scratching the wall playfully. On the other hand, if your feline pet is bored for too long, it will rapidly exhibit the same scratching behavior on your wall. However, some cats are very mischievous and continue doing the activity even when they are provided with all sorts of cat toys.


  • To get rid of stress

When your cat deals with anxiety or stress, they tend to scratch the wall. And when cats do it due to anxiety, it must be taken seriously. But the question is, how would you know if they’re anxious or not.


Well, when your cat deals with stress or anxiety and scratches the wall rapidly, it will keep meowing all the time. Paying your kitty the proper attention or taking the appropriate measures at the right time can help them to get rid of their stress.


  • To mark their territory

All of us rightly know how territorial cats are. It is a very feline-type behavior that they have inherited from their wild relatives. So, if you have many cats at your home and find out that one of them is scratching the wall, it is mainly because they are marking their territory. They can even do this when there is not any conflict. It is their way to claim the place. Or maybe it is their way of establishing authority over others.


Through scratching the wall, cats leave their sweat on the surface, which works as a secret kitty code word to let others know, ‘you better stay out of my area.’ They also leave their sweat smell on their favorite animal buddy, their owner or other family members, or any household object by scratching on them. Basically, it is their way of claiming possession of that person, animal, or object.


  • To complaint against its litter

Does your cat scratch the wall right after using the litter box? Well, one of the possible explanations behind it can be their way of showing displeasure about their litter tray.


If your kitty finds the litter box too small or too big, then it will immediately start scratching the wall after using it to tell you that they are not happy with the tray.


How do you stop your cat from scratching the wall?

Though the scenario might seem very cute when your cat scratches the surface, it can harm your wall. So, would you afford a new wall painting every year? Maybe not. But then you can use some easy tricks to keep your kitty away from doing such an activity.


So, the following are some of the tips that you can follow.

What to do?

How will it help?

Adding scratching posts
Adding a scratching post to your home can help you save your wall. These scratch posts are exclusively created for cats where they can scratch repeatedly.
Trimming their nails
Cats mostly scratch walls to keep their nails functional. So, trimming their nails regularly can keep them away from doing so.
Use some tacky tape
There are some special tapes available in pet stores, which are meant for attaching to the walls with their sticky side outward. These keep the felines away from scratching the wall surface.



Besides, to keep your cats away from scratching the wall, you can also divert their mind by engaging them in the right way. You can buy a nice cat toy, which will keep them entertained for a long time and de-stress them easily. You can pick the Dorakitten Cat Toys Kitten Toy Tunnel to keep them indulged in playing.



Cats are weird and funny in every aspect. Whether it is their way of marking territories or their joyful expression, they will scratch the wall whenever possible. There is nothing to worry about until you find it stressful for them. If they tend to be anxious, then always take them to the vet at the right time to help them restore their mental peace soon. Otherwise, you can give your cats their favorite toy to keep them away from scratching the wall.

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