Why Does My Cat Sit On My Laptop?

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Do you have a cat in your house? If yes, then you must be very well acquainted with their behavior and attitude. They are pretty weird creatures, but no matter how they are, you will always adore their cute feline gestures. The way they roam around you and jump on your lap, craving for your care and love, and the moments when they curl up next to you and purr with every stroke. How can anybody not find these moments cute and loveable?

However, sometimes their behavior may not be easy to understand, like when they suddenly jump to steal your seat after you get up, or they refuse to sit next to you even if you call them repeatedly, etc. Another activity that seems to be really annoying is when your cat suddenly sits or starts walking over your laptop while you are working.

Many people complain about this type of cat’s behavior, and they don’t know the exact reason. Well, your adorable pet doesn’t mean to disturb you at all. Science says that there are certain reasons why your cat loves sitting on your laptop or keyboard and unknowingly interferes with your work. In this article, we are going to discuss why your kitty sits on your laptop in detail.

While you are working on your laptop, you are totally focused on it. And obviously, you would not want to get distracted by anything. But your kitty may not feel the same way. For cats, the laptop is their enemy that is diverting their mind from their beloved pet. It is one of the reasons that makes them jump between you and your laptop screen to grab your attention and get treated. And, of course, after exhibiting such behavior, the cats are bound to get treated or loved by their master, as all they crave for is your love and affection.

  • To take a warm walk on your keyboard

Cats like to stay warm. That is one of the reasons why they are mostly found dwelling in sunny and warm spots. Your laptop’s keyboard may not be as warm as the sun rays, but they are comparatively warmer than the hard-cold floor. While you keep on typing for a few minutes or hours, your laptop gets heated up. This warmth may not be favorable for your hands, but the soft furs of your cat may find it good enough to lie down.

  • To feel the soft sensation of the keypads

Cats are very much attracted to soft and squashy things. Just as they enjoy kneading fluffy blankets and pillows, they find the keys of your laptop soft enough when they press it with their paws. It provides them with a soft sensation that they enjoy. Also, while they observe you tapping the keys, they find it more tempting or pleasing to pass up. They think of the keys of your laptop as a playing object. But you need to take care of the matter, as they could accidentally send emails or messages to anybody without your information. Also, due to those sensations, they may find the place comfortable enough to take a nap. So, make sure to take care of the fact, else it will be a very tough job to remove them from their favorite place once they fall asleep.

  • To mark their territory

Cats are territorial by nature. They might not like to share their territories with anyone, even with their master. Cats get attracted by pheromones or scents. Your laptop’s smell might attract them, and thus, they might walk over your laptop, rub their head or tail against the screen. And this signifies that your computer is your kitty’s territory, and she won’t move until she is willing to.

  • To get a better view of the screen

Nobody knows if your cat is equally interested in the songs or videos you watch on your laptop. However, there is no such scientific proof that they are equally attentive to things that are entertaining to us. Still, it might be possible that any visual graphic or audio might have caught the attention of your pet, and to observe it more firmly, and enjoy fully, it might feel like coming closer to the screen. It will help your cat not only to get a proper view of the screen but also to give you the idea that your kitty likes it and you must not change it.

How to keep your cats away from your laptop?

No matter how cute your lovable pets are, if they ruin your important work, it can annoy you badly. So, there must be some ways that you can keep your cat off your laptop. The following table provides you with some of the common solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.

Things you need to do to resist your cat How will it help?
Let your cat sit on your lapBy taking your cat on your lap, you can show your affection towards them. It will not make them feel devoid of your warmth.
Keep on talking to themYou can keep calling out your pet’s name often and speak to them. It will make them feel that you are attentive enough towards them.
You may move to another roomYou can move to another place with your laptop and keep the door closed. It will help you to keep your computer safe and stay focused on your work.
Make a bed for your cat nearbyIf you want to work and keep an eye on your cat at the same time, then make a comfortable bed for them beside your workplace, where they can sleep peacefully without disturbing you.

Besides performing the tricks mentioned above to keep your cat away from your laptop, you can also use some packaged snacks such as Whole Life Pet Pure Salmon Freeze-Dried Cat treats, which you can use to feed your cat or use it as a prize for not disturbing you. These dry, healthy, and pure salmon fillets will be a delicious treat to your cat, which will keep them engaged while you are working.

Also, you can keep your cat busy with different games, as it is a known fact that cats love to play with toys. One may opt for the SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys, which may seem very much entertaining to your cat, and also help them in improving their sensitivity and responsiveness in catching prey.

Wrapping Up

However, there might be many more explanations as to why your cat likes to sit on your laptop. Some of the reasons might be mere probabilities, while some may be genuine. Whatever the reason might be, it is undeniable that even if they act annoying, their sweet gestures add more happiness in your life and builds a stronger bond between you and beloved your cat.

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