Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up?

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Felines often show odd behaviors, but groaning is one of the odder ones. You probably have heard a short high-pitched tone of your cat when you pick it up randomly. Felines create such sounds to communicate with us. For example, when picked up, a kitty makes squeaky sounds to convey its feeling.


Some of the felines probably squeak to exhibit their fondness, while others probably show such behavior to convey that they are not pleased about being picked up. Below are the reasons your cat squeaks when you pick it up.


Why does my cat make a squeaking sound when I pick him up?

 Felines make unusual sounds, such as squeaking, purring, hissing, and meowing. Some noises are implied to deliver a message to their owners, while others are earmarked for conveying with their own gang. As feline owners, you must differentiate between unusual sounds and their implications.


Here are some causes why a feline may squeak when you pick it up.


Feline may squeak to catch your attention

Periodically, when you pick your cat, it can squeak only to react to your sign of picking it up. Therefore, you need to understand the squeaking tone, whether it accepts your manner or is not comfortable or pleased with you.


Your cat might act like this to catch your attention and exhibit love and affection. However, if your cat’s squeaking tone is not too hostile or loud, it may just imply that your cat loves being picked up.


Felines squeak to get out of the hold to alleviate their discomfort

Felines are tolerant creatures. They can withstand slight discomfort unless it is severe. However, this doesn’t imply that cats won’t convey pain when it hurts. Felines may squeak or meow when being picked up to convey their severe pain or injury that exacerbates when you pick it.


It will attempt to get out of your hold to reduce this discomfort. If a feline scratched any human when they picked it, it implies a serious underlying problem. Consult your vet to deal with the discomfort causing your cat to act so wild.


Your feline may squeak or meow to protest

Periodically, felines squeak as a verbal reaction to convey that they are not comfortable being picked up by anyone. Therefore, it can also be termed as an objection by felines.


A feline growl when you pick it up against its wish to express that it is not in a mood or pain. For instance, if you hold it up when it has just finished its food, the cat will attempt to get rid of the control.


Allergies can cause your feline to squeak

Another cause behind felines squeaking is probably allergies. The windpipe can get obstructed because of allergies, and eventually, it alters their vocal cords. If the problem is severe and your feline is not healing, you must consult your vet.


If the feline’s meow is only lessened to a squeak, it is probably because of laryngitis. Laryngitis is an illness in which a feline’s larynx gets provoked because of infection, blockage, or discomfort in a feline’s throat. It can cause a squeaky noise in cats. You can use Anti-Itch & Allergy Relief Spray for your cats.


Not being carried properly

Periodically, feline owners don’t hold them up the right way. It may result in discomfort or pain in them. As an outcome of discomfort or pain, a cat may exhibit this emotion through squeaking, wishing that you will comprehend the cat and either hold it correctly or put it down.


Some felines exhibit this by a deep meow sound or screaming. Therefore, it relies on how cats communicate that they are feeling uncomfortable.


Below are some cat breeds and their behaviors towards getting picked up.

Cat breeds


Domestic Shorthair Domestic cats are a combination of many breeds. Their personalities differ. However, they all are energetic and love to be picked up and cuddled by their owners. But ensure you pick them up correctly without causing any discomfort.
Abyssinian Abyssinians are smart felines that love playing games like fetch. These cats also make pleasant trilling noises when they chat with other kitties. However, they don’t like to be picked much by their owners.
Lykoi This cat breed is very loving and affectionate towards its owners if picked up the right way. But these cats are often frightened of strangers.
Maine Coon Maine Coon felines are good friends. They are very affectionate and relish a good snuggle.



Is it normal for my cat to make squeaking sounds?

 Several felines squeak, although few individuals are conscious about this. There is a particular subreddit with many individuals committed to this. As an outcome, there are many of them.


Despite the truth that there is a substantial population of feline owners who have videos of their felines squeaking, several individuals are shocked to learn that they can commit it.


How can I Train my Cat to Be Picked up Without Irritating Him?

 Felines can be acquainted with stepping on a leash, preventing them from cutting you. Furthermore, you can train your cat to be picked up.


Begin your cat’s training by creating some joyful experiences with it being carried. When you hold it in your arms, give it some of its favorite food. While your cat is consuming its treats, exhibit your fondness by gentle rubbing, petting, and making this occurrence a nice one for it. By doing this, again and again, the feline will get satisfied with you and will let you pick it up without making any squeaky sound.


However, if it has any pain, it will still make a squeaky sound. In that issue, contact your veterinarian, and they will recommend a more comprehensive way forward.


Why does my cat make a squeaking sound like a toy?

 You are probably confused if your feline makes a squeaking sound like a mouse toy. However, the reason could be that your cat is too young, for instance, a kitty below 8 months old. And, if the cat is under 8 months, it probably just requires time to evolve.


Nonetheless, if it’s older than that and just began committing it, it relies on it. Nevertheless, in any issue, if you are worried, you must consult a vet to explain if it is a problem or not.



 When you want to obtain a pet, particularly a cat, you have to be extremely careful of the indications that they convey. You have to pay attention to each symptom they attempt to express.

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