Why Does My Cat Suck On My Blanket?

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Seeing cats sucking on blankets can probably be one of the cutest things. Those cute little paws trying to hold a sheet and nibbling on it would be one of the best sights, especially when you come back home after a tiring day.



First of all, looking at your cat comfortably can be one of the most beautiful things, but seeing them suckle on the blankets or any other objects such as wool, carpet, bathmat, etc. at home is the icing on the cake. Well, you may go on continually looking at them doing all these adorable things endlessly, but if you are a passionate cat-lover, it would also make a lot of sense to understand the reasons behind it.


As there are multiple reasons why a cat purrs or comes and sniffs around, there are reasons for this as well, and we have tried giving our best shot to explain those reasons to our feline lovers. While most of the cat owners end up panicking looking at their cute little fellows indulging in activities like these, well, here is a table that depicts what the cat might be feeling in general.


Owner’s reaction

Feelings of the Cats

Might be missing their mums (Kittens lesser than eight weeks)
Have started developing it as a habit
Normal when they are stressed out
They are happy, and they end up nibbling the blankets
Lack of attention
Enjoying their owner’s lap and the warmth as they suckle on the blankets
Might enjoy suckling on the blankets


Well, as mentioned in the above tabular column, the cats could be feeling the exact opposite thing to a human being. Hence, getting worried unnecessarily when they are suckling on a blanket is not required.


Instead, being concerned and taking them to a veterinary doctor can probably help you understand their moods and also the activities they get involved in. Understanding the psyche of your pet cat is as essential as understanding the minds of your children. Here we are going to tell the reasons why cats love to suck a blanket.


Why do cats suck a blanket?



  • Missing their mums: Some of the kittens might be separated from their mums at an early age. Like the children do miss their biological mothers, the kittens do the same as well. Generally, kittens are pups required to be with their mothers at least for eight weeks after their birth. The ones who are separated earlier than eight weeks may end up sucking on blankets to reproduce the sentiment of nursing. It might come across as strange behavior to the owner.


  • It can be seen more in some breeds: The weaning period in some of the cat breeds can be pretty more extended than the others. Certain studies reveal this strange behavior of cats, and it is commonly spotted in the breeds like Oriental and Siamese. These cats are known to nurse themselves longer than the other breeds, and it has got nothing to do with genetics, and this isn’t weird either. So, do not get stunned, looking at your cute little creatures acting a bit cranky out of nowhere.



  • Marking territories: Some of the cats end up kneading blankets to mark the boundary. It is one of the brilliant ways to do this task because they can easily be able to spot the scent of their paws easily when they want to find their comfort zone to sleep later. Hence, this is also considered to be one of the reasons to see cats sucking blankets at times.


  • To get rid of stress: Yeah! Cats also do get worked up like human beings. When they are a little stressed out, they generally find it to be relaxing when they nibble and suck the woolen blankets. The anxiety and stress in cats are typically noticed when they notice unusual changes around them and also when they are taken away from their comfort zone. Cats always seek attention and a comfortable environment, and when the changes happen suddenly, they may get stressed out and start sucking fabric.


  • It can be a form of aggression as well: Most cats find themselves in a helpless situation at times. Especially when they are unable to attack their enemies, or when they feel victimized. During these times, the only way of venting out would be sucking the blankets.


Well, these are some of the significant reasons for your cats to start sucking the blankets. Well, when you find your cat enjoying this more than anything else, doing the below-mentioned things become mandatory to keep them away from this habit.


How to reduce blanket sucking?

Things to do


Keep the blankets away
When they do not find the rugs near them, they might end up losing out on that habit.
Bring them toys
Once you observe the cats sucking on the blankets, replace them with soft toys to play with. You can use Yeowww Catnip Banana Cat toy or OurPets Cosmic Catnip Cat toy to reduce blanket sucking.
Take them out
Taking them out with you or making them sit on your lap as you relax in the garden can make them feel amazing.
Help them relieve their stress
There is nothing as comfortable as an owner’s lap for a cat. That is their way of finding happiness and relaxation. So, if this can relieve their stress, you must certainly be doing it to make them feel comfortable and get them rid of blanket sucking.
Keep a constant watch on them
It is pretty essential to keep an eye on your pets all the time, and this would make you understand their behavior quickly. When you continuously observe your cats sucking on fabric, you can say them no politely.


Final Words

Well, as a cat owner, it becomes essential to know every single step of your pet cat; otherwise, you may end up missing the cutest, naughtiest, and weird things that they end up doing to make themselves comfortable.


Knowing all these things would also help you understand them in a much better manner, and you can be of help to them when they need it. So, stop panicking or getting worried when your pet cat is acting a little strange, and enjoy every moment with them.




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