Why Does My Cat Walk On Me?

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If you are a cat owner, then you must know how it feels to have a feline pet with you. There are so many cute and joyous moments that you share with your kitty. But at the same time, there are certain annoying moments too that might make you feel angry sometimes. Just like when your pet cat walks all over your body, it might give you pleasure or make you feel happy for some time. But, imagine, you are having a sound sleep, and all of a sudden, some weird sensations wake you up. And when you open your eyes, it’s your cat walking over your body. How will you feel in such a situation?

You may get angry over your beloved pet, but before you do so, you should understand why cats walk over their owners. Here, in this article, we aim to drop light on the reasons why your cat walks over you. The following explanations are a mixture of some perceptions and proven facts.

Why do cats walk over you?

  • To show affection and love:

It may annoy you at times, but your cat doesn’t intend to irritate you at all. For them, it is a gesture of showing their love and affection. They walk over you to show that they want to be with you or play with you. Obviously, your cat can’t wake you up by calling out your name; hence, they choose to walk over your body and tell you, ‘Come on, master, wake up! Let’s go and play. Also, such behavior of your cat may mean that it feels safe and secure to be with you, just like a kid feels when he/she is with his/her mother. And, scrolling over you gives them a feeling of comfort.

  • To make a bed:

Just like humans desire a warm and soft place to rest and relax, so does your cat. For them, you serve to be the best cushion and blanket to have a great nap. Cats generally love warm and spongy places, and the human body is comparatively softer and warmer than the cold hard floors. Therefore, this could be another reason that your cat walks over your body as they might be planning to sleep on your back or chest. However, it may not be the same case every time. If your cat is in a bad mood, it might be planning to attack you or disturb you. So, try to understand the mood of your cat when it gets too cozy.

  • To grab your attention:

There might be times when you are too much focused and busy with your work that you are not even aware of your little pet. Cats find these things pretty annoying, and they feel jealous when their owner does not give enough attention to them. Suppose, when you are reading a book on your couch or working on your laptop on the desk, you must have seen that your cat suddenly crawls up on your lap and start walking over to you or your laptop. It is their way of giving hints that they want your attention and time. Thus, they try to become a barrier between you and the object you are focused on so that you get distracted and focus on your kitty.

  • To mark their territory:

However, there is no concrete evidence for this statement, but it is a mere perception made, based on the cats’ attitude and nature. It is a known fact that cats possess a serious attitude problem. The cats have their own sense of monarchy, where they believe that they own whatever they like including their master. Thus, it might be possible that one of the reasons for your cat walking over you might be their way to claim that they rule over you, and you are no less than their territory. Also, this behavior signifies that they are not going to share their territory with anybody else.

How to stop your cat from stepping on you every time?

The entire thing might look cute and affectionate, but there are chances that your cat’s paws or nails might hurt you when they step on the sensitive skin. Therefore, it is a bit serious issue that needs to be stopped to some extent. So, the following table suggests some of the ways that may help you to resist your cat from walking over you.

Ways that may help you to your cat from walking over you

How will it help?

Spare some of your time for your cat
Even if you are busy with your work, try to take out at least 15 minutes to half an hour for your cat. It won’t let them feel devoid of your love.
Keep a soft bed for your cat beside your couch
A bed with a soft blanket and cushion will keep your cat warm, and they won’t run to you every time they feel cold or crave warmth.
You can bring a partner for your cat
If you feel that you can’t give enough time to your cat, then you can bring another cat partner for your kitty. This way, they won’t feel bored or lonely, and you would be able to focus on your work without any worries.

As you can see, the ways mentioned above can help you in stopping your cat from walking on you, but apart from these, there are some more ways to keep your cat engaged. There are several squashy kinds of stuff that you can buy to keep your cats busy and occupied. One such product is Luck Dawn Sisal Mouse Cat Toy, which is a cute mouse-shaped toy specially designed for cats and also has a bell on it. It can help you to entertain your little kitty, thus, reducing half of your job.

Cats mostly love to sleep all day, so you can also opt for something that will help them rest peacefully. One may choose the kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed; it is a round-shaped fluffy bed that provides enough comfort to your cat and let them take a cozy nap.


It might be very much annoying when somebody interrupts your work and treat you as their toy or bed. But it is an undeniable fact that even after getting annoyed, you ought to love these little moments. And after a hectic day, it always eases you to see your cat waiting for you and craving your love. So, never get annoyed when your cat walks over you or disturbs you.

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