Why Does Your Cat Sleep Like That, It’s Crazy Sleep Positions

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You can often see adorable pictures of cats sleeping in crazy and weird positions. But have you ever thought, why does your cat sleep like that? Well, the reason behind its crazy sleep positions is its immense love for stretching, high flexibility, and some strange antics that humans cannot comprehend. In this article, you will briefly learn about the different strange cat sleeping positions and the reasons and factors behind them. Dive in to learn more!

Reasons Behind Your Cat Sleeping in Crazy Positions

These are some of the most prominent reasons behind your cat sleeping in crazy and unusual positions:

1. Stretching

Cats love to stretch a lot. Hence, you will often find your feline stretching here and there. They tend to do this more often when feeling sleepy. So, often, a cat sleeps in a position they feel the most comfortable while stretching.

2. Flexibility

Cats are super-flexible. Hence, they can sleep in weird positions, which might be severely uncomfortable for humans. Their muscles do not strain, making sleeping in whatever position they prefer much easier.

3. Warmth

Felines are usually fond of sleeping in warm locations. Hence, if they find warmth at a particular spot, they desperately try to sleep in that position, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Hence, trying to sleep in warm yet confined spots may result in crazy cat sleeping positions.

What Does Each Cat’s Sleeping Position Indicate?

Stretchy Parker (Project 365: 357/365)

You would notice your pet cat sleeping in multiple positions. Some of them might even confuse you or appear crazy. Below stated are some of the typical cat sleeping positions having distinct meanings:

1. Weird And Crazy Cat Sleeping Positions

The presence of strange antics in cats often makes them sleep in strange positions beyond explanation. Hence, you might find your cat fast asleep in strange places and positions. Some of these crazy sleeping positions are listed below:

  • The Contortionist

It is one of the weirdest positions your cat can sleep in. This sleeping position involves their head being twisted with their arms and legs uplifted awkwardly. The loosely attached elastic spinal columns and shoulder blades enable them to sleep in a funny position.

  • The Sploot

Another super funny and weird position you might find your cat sleeping in is the spot. This position is defined by your cat sleeping on their belly with their arms and legs stretched outwards. They tend to sleep in such positions when they feel excessively hot or tired.

  • Tongue Out

You might often encounter your feline sleeping with their tongue slipping out of their mouth. It happens when your pet feels completely relaxed, leaving their jaw loose. However, if you find your cat sleeping or drooling in this position often, you should contact the vet to detect underlying health issues.

2. Affectionate and Secure Sleeping Positions

Cats often exhibit affectionate sleeping positions, which signifies their love and bonding for their human. Here are some of the most affectionate and secure cat sleeping positions:

  • At Your Feet

If you find your feline sleeping at your feet, it is an excellent sign that your pet loves you and wants to stay connected with you.

  • On Your Chest

A cat sleeping on your chest is an excellent sign of affection. It implies that your cat values a strong bond with you. It might also be an indication of a solid territorial state.

  • With Other Felines

A cat sleeping bundled with other felines is also a sign that the cat loves them. It showcases a strong sense of security as well.

3. Ready-To-Action Sleeping Positions

Cats usually sleep in this position when they are unsure about the safety of their environment or find themselves in the company of pals who cannot be fully trusted. These are the following cat sleeping positions that imply they are ready to action:

  • The Loaf

In this position, a cat sleeps upright with their arms and legs tucked under their body. Though this position might seem unusual to you, it provides them with ample opportunity to spring into action whenever necessary.

  • Monorail

It is a standard position for felines to sleep. It involves a cat sleeping on a narrow surface, such as a railing, window sill, branch, etc., with one of their arms hanging out. This position makes them fit to jump into action anytime.

Factors Affecting a Cat’s Sleeping Positions

Here’s how the following factors might affect the sleeping position of your feline:

FactorsHow Does It Affect Your Cat’s Sleeping Position?
EnvironmentThe environment, weather, and the cat’s body temperature may affect their sleeping positions.
PersonalityCats usually sleep according to their personality traits.
ComfortIf your cat finds a strange position comfortable, they might sleep like that.

A Cat’s Sleeping Habit Over the Years

From childhood to old age, the sleeping habits of a cat tend to change with growing years. Here’s how your cat’s sleeping patterns would differ over the years:

1. Kittens

Kittens tend to sleep curling up in a comfy position and snuggle up. A kitten just born would sleep for at least 21 hours a day, whereas a kitten more than ten weeks old would nap for more than 20 hours a day.

2. Adolescent Cats

Since adolescent cats are just starting to hit puberty, they remain much more active and sleep in inconsistent patterns. Since they are still exploring, they have yet to find a secure sleep position. So, you will notice such a cat sleeping less.

3. Adult Cats

Adult cats have a much more consistent and regular sleeping pattern than adolescent cats since they have discovered their secured spot efficiently. An adult cat sleeps for more than 12 hours a day on average.

4. Senior Cats

Senior cats with low energy levels will naturally have reduced energy levels. Hence, they prefer to sleep as much as possible in a fixed position throughout the day. You can buy them a soft, plush bed to ease their sleep. Made of polyester plush fabric, rabbitgoo Cat Bed is one of the best choices for your senior cat.


Though a cat sleeping in crazy and weird positions might seem funny at first instance, you should seek the vet’s assistance if you find your pet sleeping in weird positions repeatedly to check for health issues.

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