Why Doesn’t My Kitten Sleep With Me Anymore?

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If you have a kitten as a pet, then at one point in your life, you may have noticed that your kitten left you and slept somewhere else. Why did this happen?

Well, in this article, we have mentioned the most common reasons why a cat often abandons its owner and does not sleep with them.

1. The Kitten Is Scared

When cats feel scared or threatened, they often seek a safe hiding space. This place may be under a bed, in a closet, or even in a small box or area. If a cat doesn’t have a safe place to hide, it may seek out your bed as a refuge.

While it may be sweet to let your scared cat snuggle up with you, it’s crucial to provide them with a secret place. It will help them feel more secure and help reduce their stress.

2. The Temperature Is Uncomfortable

Cats are very temperature-sensitive and prefer to sleep in warm, comfortable environments. If the temperature is uncomfortable, they may not feel relaxed enough to sleep. Additionally, cats may not want to be close to humans if they are cold.

Cats also have a strong sense of self-preservation and will avoid situations that they perceive as dangerous or painful. In short, if your room is too cold for your cat, it will likely avoid sleeping with you.

3. The Bed Is Too High Or Too Low

Cats prefer to sleep in high places to feel safe and secure. If your bed is too low, it does not provide this feeling of safety. Similarly, if your bed is too high, it can be difficult for a cat to climb up and down, putting it in danger. So, if you want your cat to sleep with you, make sure your bed is at the perfect height.

4. The Kitten Found A Better Place To Sleep

It is sad, but once cats find another place to sleep, they often do not want to sleep with you anymore. Cats are fickle creatures, and if they find a spot that is more comfortable or has more of their favorite things, such as sunbeams or a warm surface, they will often abandon their previous sleeping arrangements.

You can opt for the Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cat Bed, which will be more comfortable for cats. You can keep it next to you, and they won’t try to leave you hereafter.

5. The Kitten Has Health Issues

Cats don’t sleep with you if they are ill. One reason is that they may be trying to protect you from getting sick. Cats are very good at hiding their illness, so they may not want you to know if they are sick.

Another reason is that cats may not want to be bothered when sick. They want to rest and get better. Lastly, cats may not want to sleep with you because they are in pain and don’t want to move. If your cat is sick, it is best to let it rest and keep an eye on it.


Through this article, you have learned the reasons why your kitten isn’t sleeping with you. So, try to avoid these issues in the future, and your cat will sleep in your bed again.

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