Why Don’t Cats Meow At Each Other?

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Cats are social animals who use meowing to communicate with other animals and human beings. A domesticated cat often tends to meow to greet people, express discomfort, engage in playtime, or ask for food. However, when cats communicate with each other, they do not meow as often. So, why don’t cats meow at each other? The answer is straightforward: adult cats interact with each other primarily by exchanging their scent, body language, facial expressions, and meowing.

Keep reading the article for more information on why cats meow and how they communicate with other cats.

Is It 100% True That Cats Don’t Meow at Each Other?

The answer is no. Cats do meow at each other, but not as often as they meow at human beings. They will meow or trill when they greet other cats. Male and female cats yowl excessively to attract a mate. Kittens tend to meow or yowl to indicate to their mothers that they are hungry or cold. However, this is a behavior that most cats grow out of as they mature.

How Do Cats Communicate with Each Other?

Cat behaviorists have identified several physical cues that allow cats to interact with each other aside from meowing. For instance, cats exchange scents with other cats they are friendly with. They’ll also rub themselves against surfaces to deposit their scent and spray urine to mark their territory.

Slowly blinking while maintaining prolonged eye contact with a strange cat is a way for your cat to communicate that it is confident and wishes to be approached. On the other hand, when cats feel threatened by other cats, they’ll start aggressively growling and rapidly moving their tails.  

Are Cats Only Vocal with Humans?

No, according to the experts in the study of cat behavior, cats use a variety of vocal cues, like purring and yowling, while communicating with other cats. But they tend to meow more often in front of humans because human beings are unable to comprehend their physical and facial cues.

Why Do Cats Meow at Humans?

Cats have different types of meows for different needs. For instance, a well-socialized and happy cat would greet her person with a meow after a day of work. Cats meow to remind you of their mealtime. Meowing is a way for them to request attention, initiate playtime, or ask for pets. Cats allowed to go outside will use meowing to signal their pet parents to let them out and return inside.

As mentioned above, those were some examples of a healthy cat meowing. However, if your cat meows non-stop, that could be a sign that they are in distress and must be taken to the veterinarian despite their needs being met. Also, cats left alone for several hours during the day can meow incessantly because of boredom. An interactive toy like the AUKL Interactive Cat Toy can be helpful.


Observe your cats to see how many verbal and physical communication cues you can pick up. Noticing these communication patterns can benefit your relationship with your cats.

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