Why Is My Cat So Silly?

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Cats are adorable, mischievous, and do funny and weird things. If you ever owned a cat, you would know the silly things they do. They make you wonder about the reason that causes them to get so foolish at times. Their weird behaviors are entertaining and make them incredibly lovable. The funny, quirky things they do and their unpredictable nature make the atmosphere of a house lively.


However, cats are not trying to be funny with their silliness. Instead, they do it for a reason cat owners might not realize. Thus, here, we will discuss why your cats sometimes behave weirdly and become silly without any cause. So, stay tuned to find out!


Some Silly Behaviors Of Cats And Why They Do Them

For several reasons, cats do weird and funny things. So, here are some of the silly things cats do and their explanations.


Staring Into Space

It might have spooked you at times if you ever witnessed your cat staring into space. Cats have an excellent vision that enables them to see things that human eyes cannot, like microparticles floating in the air. In addition, they can see infrared light invisible to the human eye.



So, they could be looking at some fascinating things you cannot see. Cats can even hear ultrasonic sounds, which might be one of the reasons for their space staring behavior. But, on the other hand, they might be trying to figure out where the sound is coming from and just wondering about life as a whole.


Running After Nothing

Just like staring at invisible things, they run after things that are not visible to humans. They suddenly dart at nothing in particular after sitting there calmly.

Typically, they release their pent-up energy after sitting idle for a long time. Other times, they want something to do to entertain themselves.


Staying Awake In The Middle Of The Night

Sometimes cats behave like children who sleep all night and stay up late playing during the night. It is normal behavior that they might have gotten from their predecessors, who used to hunt after dawn.


If you want to get them to sleep at night, wear them out during the day with fun activities. Giving a small meal can also make them sleep at night.\


Getting Comfy In Tight Spaces

Cats have this weird ability to get comfortable in unimaginable places. They can fall asleep in tiny boxes or jars and make you wonder how they can get so comfy in tight spaces. The reason is that they feel safe, warm, and secure in tiny enclosures that are too small for them.


Since they belong to the predator family, they like to hide in places that keep them secure. Another reason is that tiny spaces help them relieve stress as they can hug themselves.


Kneading With Paws

Kneading is a display of affection, one of the most common cat behaviors. They use their tiny paws to massage you by getting on your lap. They got this instinct from their kitten days when they used to knead their mother to help make the milk flow.


Cats do it to show how much they love you, to make their current spot more comfortable, or to feel relaxed and relieve anxiety. Also, they mark their territory by leaving their hormones on you.


Headbutting You Unexpectedly

Another way of marking their territory is to headbutt their owners. When they headbutt you in the legs or anywhere, it is not to get attention or tell you to pet them.


They leave pheromones on your body, letting other cats know that you belong to them. It is also one of the ways to show their love and affection.


Offering Their Rears

Cats may sometimes offer you their bottoms, which is one of the most unwelcome behaviors. They may get into your lap and raise their tails to have a good look at their rears. It may seem disgusting to humans, but this cat behavior is a way to show their love for you.

It shows they trust you and are trying to get you into their team. For example, cats often greet each other by sniffing each other’s rear ends. They are trying to do the same with you because they consider you one of them.


Chewing Things

Cats may chew on the weirdest things, like blankets, rubber bands, and even plants. It could be a sign that they are anxious or sick. Sometimes they do it out of boredom too.


Early weaning may also cause them to chew on soft things to help them stimulate the feeling of nursing. Providing them with chewable cat toys like the Dorakitten Catnip Toy can help them feel relaxed and calm.



Purring To The Heart’s Content

Cats purr for various reasons, which is one of their most mysterious behaviors. For example, they purr when they are stressed, happy, or feeling hungry. But mostly, cats purr in a relaxed atmosphere and try to spread it even more with their purrs.


Purring occurs in a frequency range that has healing properties. So, purring can help your cat regenerate tissues in their bones and muscles.


Cat Behavior Problems And The Causes Of Them

Other than being silly, particular cat behavior may cause issues for the owner. However, it is not without a cause. Here are some of the behavioral problems and the reasons that cause them.


Behavior Issues


Going out of the litter box ●        Location of the litter box

●        Litter that has been cleaned

●        New litter box

●        Health issues like kidney stones, arthritis, and urinary tract infection

Meowing constantly ●        Hungry and need food

●        Seeking attention

●        They are in heat

●        Thirsty and bowl doesn’t have water

●        Messy litter box

●        Fleabites or stomach problems

Getting unnecessarily aggressive ●        They are in pain

●        A hidden ailment

●        Change in routine

●        Not getting along with other pets



Wrapping Up

Cats are one of the best companions for humans. They help relieve stress and keep you entertained with mischievous and funny behaviors. They are inquisitive creatures, and they love to go around looking for exciting things. Most cats’ habits are easy to manage. However, if you experience any weird behaviors, you should consult a veterinarian to understand them properly and get the necessary help.

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