Why My Cat Attacks Me In the Morning?

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Cats are widely loved by millions of people across the world, although they are unpredictable domestic creatures. They show paradoxical signs such as not being too social but loving to play, not so expressive but highly protective about the owners, and so on. Some of these behaviors are strange, but one thing is for sure, they are not harmful.

One such strange behavior about the cats is their attacks in the morning. From nowhere, they suddenly attack the owners in the morning. Since you have lots of chores to do in the morning and rush to the office, every time you don’t feel the same & it gets quite annoying day by day.

But why does a cat normally attack the owners in the morning? Is she asking for something? Is she telling you something? Well, in this article, you can understand the significant reasons for this behavior.

Do Cats attack in common?

Your cat is never an exception. Cat attacks are highly common. But this does not mean they are dangerous to you or your family. They are instinctively driven to cause the attack. But whenever they try to attack, there is some sort of hidden meaning that you need to understand. Also, if you keenly observe, they do not show this behavior to everyone at your home. They mainly show some incentive to the children and infants of your home. This is when you can trust the cats.

Different types of cat attacks & what are their meaning?

Hogger Attack

It’s five in the morning, and you can sense some sort of ticklish feel in the legs or near your stomach. Your cats crawled up and wanted to share the bed with you. They are almost taking the entire bed, or they want you to give them that comfort. It happens quite often because they are looking for warmth from the owner. You can also see that once you provide them with that space, they sleep like a baby. The purring sound is high, showing that they are sound asleep. Usually, the kittens tend to carry out this action. Maybe they miss their mothers, or they just want to be in your presence.

Nagging and Mewing

The cats sometimes come up to you during the early morning, nagging and mewing bedside you. It truly means they have done something that you don’t like, or they are simply terrified. Even though cats belong to the predator’s family, they often are afraid of suspicious movements at home. When you have guests, they don’t sleep well at all. Therefore, they come up to you in the morning to communicate. Especially if the cats had killed the rats or had pushed off a lamp, that’s the time they confess. It is a bit tricky, but it’s one of the common patterns found in them.


We are sure there can never be anything more annoying than this. But when a cat scratches your feet, they are in real trouble. For instance, they might be in pain or have some anxiety issues. Especially the older cats do that because they know that’s how you wake up. It’s challenging to make the cats understand. Some owners have experimented by keeping the doors shut and locked, but then cats have started to scratch their doors, making the sounds.  If it’s a health problem or you are not sure about this behavior, then take them to a vet so that if there is anything wrong, it can be diagnosed earlier.

Stealth attack

Suppose you are in a deep sleep and it’s four in the morning. You are dreaming about the mysterious island where you are the only person walking towards a forest. Suddenly your dreams turn sour and feel like someone is impaling your face with a spear. The scratch is real. You wake up and see that your cat is trying to wake you up. While this is annoying, your kitty wants to say that she is starving at that time, or she just wants to know that you are alive. Meaning since you don’t show any movements for a long time, they want to ensure that you are okay.

However, there is one simple way to stop them from disturbing you while you are asleep. There are excellent comforting sleeping aids that will help them to put your cats in peaceful sleep. For instance, Meowfia Premium felt cat bed caves are made of 100% wool, and they can give exceptional warmth and a secure feeling while sleeping. In this way, you and your cat can both have peaceful early morning sleep.

Apart from these instances mentioned above, some cats attack you in the morning because of certain aggression. This behavior is something you may have to address it immediately.

The following table will help you understand the different types of attacks

Causing of Attack Meaning
Redirected aggression When cats sense something they cannot get real access to, they start attacking despite the time.
Territorial Attack When the cats want to declare a zone or territory with the owners, they start to attack. You can see them do that often if you have any other fellow pets.
Fear attack They are triggered by a stranger or pet of different creatures. They don’t mean to attack you but wanted to draw attention from you.
Induced aggression When they are in extreme pain or naturally during their mating period, they become aggressive and cause an attack, especially on the owners.
Maternal attack When the kittens are taken away from the mother cats after birth, they have a drive towards attacking. Not just immediately after delivery, even if you separate the kittens from mom after 3-4 weeks, also they still are aggressive for a week or two.


We are sure now you can figure out the strange behavior of the cat attacking you in the morning. Other than the reasons mentioned here, cats also love to play with you. By merely scratching your face or purring near your ears, they are trying to be a little of a ‘brat.’

If you had practiced them for the attack or never bothered about it, they are never going to stop it. At the earlier stage, you need to give them warnings or show that you are annoyed by this behavior. We are sure cats do understand their master pretty well, and you can reduce the chances of being attacked by them.

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