Why Your Cat Won’t Eat?

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Owners often talk about the finicky eating behavior of their cats. It is common for a cat to suddenly refuse to eat its favorite food. But when you notice that there is a rapid weight loss or other problem accompanied by the refusal of eating, then you have to take the serious call. Do not keep assuming why your cat is not eating. Instead, take your pet to the vet immediately to find the solution.


There are endless reasons why your cat won’t eat & it is vital to know the reason because it often indicates illness. So, here, we will be discussing in detail some of the essential reasons why your cat is not eating.


Why is your cat not eating?



Cats ate something that they shouldn’t have

Natural curiosity in cats has no bounds. As kittens, especially in growing age, they feel like grabbing and putting anything on their mouth. When they see something moving or flying, their eyes and paws cannot stop. They somehow chase it and start eating.


The cats also tend to eat or at least bite the fabric. The tinsel, hair ties, and similar objects can get stuck in the throat or stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to give them some tablets that can flush out these materials out of the body.


When there is a foreign body enters the cat’s body, it won’t feel hungry. The hairballs could be one of the main reasons that can obstruct the digestion. Their digestive tracts are smalls, and due to which, your cat may feel a little struggle to pass through. Also, when they eat worms, it worsens the condition.


Unfamiliar Surroundings/People/Animals

Just like how humans feel strange about being in a new place or around new people, even cats feel awkward. They cannot get accustomed to something new easily. Even when taken on a vacation, it takes them time to trust. They feel a lot insecure and show signs of not eating at all. Some cats even experience motion sickness when you travel, which could be a potential reason to stop eating. They have nausea and feel giddiness unless they get proper rest. Also, when introduced to a new pet or animal, cats feel intimidated.


Food type

Cats are very particular about what they eat. They cannot consume some flavors of food. Especially milk products, food that has alcohol, ingredients of green vegetables can make them throw out. Thus, they stick to only certain flavors. If you are offering anything other than that, cats might refuse to eat.


Even the shape of the food plays a significant role. For instance, cats are afraid of cucumbers and bottle guards only because of the shapes. However, some cats love to have different shaped foods that are crunchy and crisp. Therefore, you can also consider this as an aspect of their non-eating.


It is also necessary that you make sure that the food is not spoiled. Because of the numerous olfactory muscles in cats, they can identify whether a food is spoiled or expired. Do not force-feed them.


Health problems

When cats have a loss of appetite, it is a sign that there is something wrong with their body function. Closely observe when your cat is stopping to eat. There could be numerous reasons why this condition is prevailing, which includes kidney problems, intestinal problems, and sometimes even fatal diseases like pancreatitis and cancer. Usually, this is not always serious. But when you feel there is a pattern to connect, especially in the adult cats, then you may have to consider diagnosis soon.



The following table will help you understand what symptoms will be accompanied along with the loss of appetite.

Type of Disease


What happens with the cat?

Respiratory Shorter breath, discharge from the nose and mouth, blurry eyes If cats have a respiration problem, they tend to lose smell and loss of appetite. It can even affect the lungs, which can further lead to fatal diseases.
Dental Bleeding gums, swollen mouth, stop drinking liquids as well. Painful gums and teeth are responsible for dental problems. Cats experience a high amount of paint, and it isn’t easy to diagnose. Therefore when you feel like there is some difference in the mouth region, take medical help as soon as possible.
Digestive Loss of sleep, Irritated and feel annoyed, Lying in bed by showing the stomach to the owners, diarrhea, and vomiting When the cats have problems with intestines and pancreas, their digestive system is collapsed. Their appetite decreases rapidly. In such cases, you must take to the vet before the growth of bacteria in the stomach region causing multiple problems.


The above table would have given you a fair idea of how cats stop eating when they have significant health problems. So when you find similar symptoms, do not assume and go to the doctors.


What should you do when your cat stops eating?

Depending on the reason why the cat stopped eating, you have to coax them and make them eat. Do not compel or force the cats to eat. Rather observe the pets thoroughly. There are some practical ways in which you can make the cat eat.




  • Try stomach clean tablets or tonic for once to see if that’s what is causing them trouble. Check HomoPets Feline Digestive Upset tablets, which can be a preferred choice for pets of all ages. Even otherwise, it is not going to cause any harm to your pet cat. Moreover, it will clean the stomach thoroughly.


  • If your cat has taken any recent vaccination, it might stop eating for a while. During this time, offer your cat with its favorite ingredients. Multivitamin supplements can help you to bring them back to the form.



You can only find a severe problem in cats eating routine only when you observe them. Always spend time, especially when the cats eat. The owners have felt a massive difference when they sit along with them while cats eat. You don’t have to feed them all the time. But being near them when they eat can make a huge difference.

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