Is it True that Cat Purring Heals?

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The sound of a cat’s purr is something that many cat owners like to hear. But, did you know that sometimes, the purr of a cat is more than just a relaxing sound?


Some people believe that cat purring heals, and there is a reason why our furry friends do this. But, is it true that cat purring heals? Read on to find out the truth behind it, and what it actually means when people say that a cat has healing and restorative powers through the sound of their purrs.



What Is Known About Purring?

Some people think that cats only purr whenever they feel contented and happy, but there are actually other reasons why a cat may purr.


Some of the reasons why a cat purrs will be heard include the following:

  • They are anxious
  • They are trying to calm down
  • They feel pleasure from a situation
  • They may need to nurse if they’re kittens
  • They want to let their parent know they’re okay
  • An adult cat may do it because they’re so used to purring as a cat, that they do it as an adult cat that they’ll get food out of it


However, it is more than just flexing the diaphragm and using the larynx to help create a purring sound. There is more to it as well, and here, we’ll highlight what a cat’s purrs can do.


Below is a table of the generalized things a cat’s purrs can do, and how to achieve a lot with this.


The issue Does Purring Help Cats Does Purring Help Humans
Broken bones Yes? ?Maybe
Sickness Yes, depends on the condition though No
Anxiety Yes Yes
Stress yes Yes

Purring Healing Broken Bones

Some people do claim that purring can heal broken bones. The answer to that is debatable at best, but there are a few reasons why people believe that purring will heal broken bones.


The reasons for that include the following:

  • It is oftentimes stimulating frequencies for animals and humans
  • The purring can sometimes have vibrations that are similar to bone healing in cats and in humans
  • It is a type of communication that can help improve strength, mobility, and the healing time that happens


For the most part, this is all still subject to study, but the idea of it is something that a lot of people do agree may happen, and it’s something that lots of people can benefit from when looking at the healing powers of a cat.


The purr of a cat is usually somewhere between 50-150 Hz, which is the frequency that are used when healing the body, which might explain why purring heals, and oftentimes why cats bounce back faster than dogs.


Faster Healing Time

Yes, cats can heal faster than dogs. Despite being smaller and more fragile in some ways, cats actually can help with speeding up the healing time.


That’s because of the following:

  • The frequency is the same as healing
  • Putting their bodies at that frequency helps keep everything aligned


But, what’s completely amazing is t isn’t just cats, but other animals too. There are studies that have been done that include rabbit bones.


So yes, even other animals can benefit from this, and it’s something that a lot of people also take into account when looking at the healing powers of a purring cat.


Blood Pressure Lowering



A human’s blood pressure can actually be lowered by a cat’s purr. How does that happen? Well, purring cats can do the following for a human:

  • Help them relax
  • Make them less anxious
  • Help reduce stress in the body
  • Lower heart rates


So, in turn, it can actually help decrease the blood pressure that’s in a human, and sometimes, humans that hear this may not even worry about the issues that they have on hand and instead focus on the source of the anxiety, and from there, be soothed by the sounds of the purrs.


So yes, in case you’re wondering, cats are great for humans. So great in fact, that for humans, it can help with the following:

  • Reduce instances of heart disease
  • Help you live longer
  • Can make you happier


Cats are wonderful for humans that are anxious and in fact, some people encourage those with autism, or even anxiety disorders to have a cat, because they can help with healing


Other Ways Cats Can Heal?

How can cats heal you with the power of a purr? Well, there are a few ways how a cat may do it, and we’ll touch on that here.


First, let’s talk about asthma.  Asthma is not fun to deal with, but did you know that a purring cats can help with that?

Below, you can read how a cat’s purr will help with this:

  • Cats may purr after they hear an asthma attack
  • Sometimes they know when it’s about to happen due to the anxiety and other triggers, so they’ll go over and help out the other person
  • They will immediately heal the other person with the purring vibrations
  • Sometimes, if a cat is scared of what’s going on with you, or anxious about it, it’ll start to purr as a way to heal both itself, and you too


It’s kind of a wonderful two-for-one deal, and it can help you with improving your own life. That way you won’t be as subjected to the anxieties of life, and you’ll feel better about it too.


Protects the Bone Density of Cats

Did you know cats don’t just do this to calm themselves down? We said before that cat purring will heal, and some people believe that cat purring is almost like an exercise for a cat.


As we all know, cats are much more sedentary than dogs are, but they sometimes get their exercise from purring.


The reason behind that includes the following:

  • It allows them to retain the muscle tone
  • It helps with bone density
  • It is a good way to help keep cats happy and healthy
  • They will also heal u any injuries that they might suffer from, especially falling and other injuries.
  • Some cats will purr whenever they’re suffering from a condition simply because they knew that if they do this, it could help with healing

Of course, this doesn’t replace the actual medical help that a cat needs. If you know your cat isn’t doing all that good, you need to start taking them to the vet.


But, if you know that your cat is purring for its own reason, then you’re in luck. Purring is healing for them, and most cat owners love to hear it.


Reduces Stress

Cats do help with reducing stress, and this is one of the ways a cat will heal you. Have you ever come home after a long day at work, and wondered whether or not you’d relax, only to find your cat coming over, purring and nuzzling your leg?


Sure, it’s cute, but cats can sense when we are stressed too, and they are very in-tune with the vibrations of the world.


Perhaps it’s due to the fact that cats don’t speak, and they have a keen sense of hearing, so they pick up on the frequencies, but cats love and will understand if something is wrong.


When they purr while you’re stressed, the following happens:

  • It reduces the stress you’re feeling
  • You will feel more relaxed hearing this
  • Remember, they’re in tune with the vibrations that we have, so when they are healing themselves, they are also healing you
  • They contribute to your own personal life quality, simply because they are over here purring, making you feel happy and better, and making you feel calmer


Cats are great for when you feel stressed out and need something, and you’ll be able to, with this, and cats can be a wonderful option for you if you feel like you’re not happy, and you need something that will make you feel better as well.


Reports of Feeling Better When Sick

Some cat owners who are in pain, sick, or feel a bit bad can heal when they hear the sound of a cat’s purr.  Why is that?

The truth is, a cat’s purr does have the same results as a high-impact type of working out.  That’s due to the following:

  • Remember when we said that the purr can be anywhere from 25-250? When we’re upset, it’s exactly 26 Hz
  • These is actually the same vibrations that promote tissue regeneration
  • When we are exposed to this, we actually become stronger and add muscle
  • When you work out, you’re exposing yourself to higher pressure and strength training, which is how you become stronger and add muscle too
  • This can give you the same results as a nice gym session, and it’s why after you hear your cat’s purr for a bit, you feel better


Theoretically, cat purring does heal the body.


They can do a lot for you too, not just help you when you feel sick.  Below are other ways your cat can help you when you’re not feeling so hot:

  • They decrease the symptoms of dyspnea, which is difficulty in breathing in both cats and humans
  • It can reduce your risk of heart disease by about 40%
  • They will help with healing the infections that you have
  • It can help with healing broken bones and growth
  • It can help reduce the swelling in the body
  • Your infections can be healed
  • If you’re feeling pain, it can help with this


All of these can help you live a better life, and when you’re sick and in pain, it can actually help you with healing on that end, making it even better for you


Muscle Repair?

Finally, let’s talk about muscle repair. We mentioned it in passing, but let’s take a moment to talk about how a cat can help you with your next training session


After a long training session, we tend to feel worn out and tired, and oftentimes it takes our bodies a few days to heal.


But, with the help of a cat purring, it can do the following for you:

  • Reduce the pain from the joints and muscles
  • Help improve your muscle growth and repair, especially after a rough training session
  • Can help with repairing tendons that might’ve been torn
  • Can help with the mobility of joints, making them stronger and more formidable

So yes, a cat can actually help you, and if you feel stressed out, hugging your furry friend might actually help.

Plus, if purring is a healing mechanism, it won’t just help you, it’ll help them, and who knows, it could end up saving its life.


Some people don’t realize the healing power of purrs, and if you don’t know whether you’ve experienced this or not, you can figure it out by doing the following:

  • Holding your cat
  • Hugging your cat
  • Hearing the purrs
  • Understanding how you fee


Purrs are quite a cool noise to hear. You probably won’t really know why your cat is doing this since they do it for a variety of reasons, but it does definitely make a cat happy whenever they feel your love, and you’ll be happy as well since you’ll get to hug your cat.


The Answer Explained!

So, to go back to the original question of whether is it true that cat purrs heal, while there isn’t a scientific explanation for it or proof that it does, there have been studies, and it’s shown that purring is definitely a very relaxing sound, and wonderful for people to experience.


Purring does heal the soul, and it is a wonderful sound that you can hear from your favorite little feline friend. If you’re sitting with them and suddenly, they start to purr, then that’s a sign that they are contented, or maybe they can feel upset what is going through your mind.


While it doesn’t replace a trip to the vet or doctor, it’s wonderful to hear, and many people just like to hear the sound of a cat’s purr.

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