Does Your Cat Love You?

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We all wanted to believe that our cat pets love us. But the real question is, do they love you? How can you be sure of that? When compared to dogs or any other pets, cats are always considered cold and aloof. You cannot see with your visible eyes whether they are affectionate about you or not. They are discreet and ensure that they maintain PDA in human terms. However, certain behavior proves that they are closer to you than other people. You need to observe this because they are doing this instinctively. Check this article to know more about how the cats are trying to establish their bond.


They give head butts

When someone rammed their head by the side, you probably will not consider this as affection. But in the case of cats, they love to headbutt their owners. Cats, consider it as a sign of love. Many vets and behavior analysts say that butting is one of the important cat communications. They gently move towards you and rub their body part against you. It is said that cats are identifying their friends with this method.



Sometimes when you find other cats or pets coming and playing with you, they voluntarily do headbutts. It means they are marking their territory. Since cats possess scent glands in different parts of the body, they use their body parts to rub against your body. Even though you may not know the difference, this is how they have been marketing territory.


Does it show their tummy to you?

Maybe you have come across this pattern so many times but are not sure what they mean. You may adore their cute fluffy belly. But there is more to it. When they show their stomach, it means you are in the trust circle. It is proven because even cats from the wild or stray tend to show their bellies only to mothers or the creatures they trust. Cats try to establish that they have become vulnerable and comfortable with you.


Next time, when you watch your feline stretching on the floor beside you or roll around and paw at you, it means they are affectionate to you. Just stroke the cat’s belly, and she is going to love you more. As soon as you will get acquainted with your cat, she is going to show more love to you.


Are they bringing gifts?

When cats bring gifts for you, it is considered an advanced stage of affection toward you. When you grew up with the cat from the kitten stage, they are going to stay closer and more loyal to you. Cats start bringing gifts once they have entered adulthood. Probably, it’s part of their instinct, or they have learned to gift people from your family. When we say gifts, do not expect anything big. It’s probably going to be dead mice, bugs, or some trash that they have found attractive.


The important thing here is they put effort into hunting for you and bringing that as a gift. Don’t get freaked out, seeing dead animals. Just dispose of them and clean your pet friend. When the cats are comfortable, secure, and safe at the place, only then do they bring these gifts.



Gurgling is talking

Most owners think the gurgling of a cat means they have some problems with the stomach. It may also sound strange sometime. But when they are gurgling at a high pitch, you should know that they are talking to you. It is one way of chatting with their loved ones. Probably, many have seen dogs do that all time, even on the roads. They start rolling with their fellow dogs and bark at high-pitch. But since the cats don’t do that often, you might not be aware of it.


While chatting with you, the gurgling has a different tone. It is typically not meowing or purring. It is particularly happy and cheerful in your presence. Hence to keep the good spirit between you both, it starts making these peculiar noises.


Follows you constantly

Cats get too affectionate at the time, and they don’t feel like moving away from you. They start following you wherever you go (Even to the bathrooms). It becomes like a guardian who wants to watch you all the time. Many people have noticed that the cats actually climb up the bed to see the owners sleeping. You don’t have to doubt your bond anymore. They are in love with you.


Some cats even go the extra mile, where they wanted to share the mealtime with you. To be more specific, also though you offer them meals, they wait until you start eating. It is probably a good sign that they feel like they are part of you.


These are some of the very common signs that felines follow with their owners. But there are very tiny details that you may have missed. You can check them out in the table given below.


Cat Signs of Love

How do they do it?

Blinks at you
A very small slow blink means they are trying to kiss you in their style. They do this only when no one is around or watching.
Comes to lick you
You should be honored because cats don’t lick someone very easily. They don’t easily come and fetch you and lick you. Especially people say that when they become too excited, they lick their hair and eye region as well.
Kneads you
It is one of the most common signs that they show to their mothers. When you have been everything to them, they start kneading to you. They have already formed a special bond with you.
Nibble at you
Usually, kittens have this habit of nibbling their owners. It is not common, but a rare occasion. It’s gentle, and it’s never a bit. It doesn’t really hurt because they knowingly do it.



How can you react?

Since many owners could not understand the feline gestures and actions, it is difficult to react. When cats can show so much love, the owners do not know how to give it back. They always look for some reflective methods, but honestly, most of the time, they fail. We always recommend the owners take the initiative. Rather than waiting for the moments, you can build one by playing with them or offering them treats and toys. Check Youngever 24 Cat toy kit that has a variety of toys to play with the feline friends. You can also feed them with treat food. Surprise them with WoLove Natural Silverline sticks that are so soft and chewable, and we are sure your cats will love them.




Though cats are not very social, when it comes to the owner or people whom they trust, they show affection to the fullest. You will slowly start enjoying their company eventually. You must notify all the cute unusual behavior that they show to establish their friendship and love with you.

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